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Twin Memory Foam Mattress

The Best Twin Memory Foam Mattresses: Sleep in Luxury and Comfort

Do you want to sleep on the best in the business? Yes?

Then please continue reading to discover the five best twin memory foam mattresses you can find and why they’re considered world-class.

5 Best-Selling Best Twin Memory Foam Mattresses

We’ve also included a mattress buyer’s guide to help you with mattress hunting.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Best Twin Memory Foam Mattresses

1. The Lucid 8-Inch Twin Foam Mattress

Lucid 8 Inch Gel ( Bamboo Charcoal – Breathable-Cover)
Product Highlights:
  • this mattress features an 8-inch firm feel ideal for older kids and teens in need of a firm and supportive mattress upgrade
  • gel infused memory foam regulates temperature while conforming to the body to ease pressure points
  • the 1.5 inch ventilated gel memory foam top layer creates a cooler sleep experience than traditional memory foam by helping to regulate body temperature and increase circulation

It’s the best mattress for teenagers and older kids in your home.

It’s a simple one. Nevertheless, it gets the job done. As always, this mattress is yet another commendable piece from the Lucid brand.

The Lucid 8-inch mattress has two layers, each playing its role to provide you with a comfortable and painless sleeping experience.

The top-most layer is gel-infused foam designed to keep your body nice and cool all night long. In addition to regulating your body’s temperature, it’s also responsible for ensuring proper blood circulation as you sleep.

The final layer is the bamboo-infused high-density foam designed to support your weight as you sleep.

Also, the mattress is hypoallergenic and recommended for those suffering from reactive skin conditions and allergies.


  • Its cooling properties make it perfect for use in hot climate conditions.
  • The mattress is surprisingly comfortable for its price tag.
  • You don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors.
  • It’s “just right” on the firmness scale.


  • It takes a while to grow to its full size.

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2. The Olee Sleep 10-inch Twin Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 10 Inch ( Pocket Spring Mattress (Twin))
Product Highlights:
  • your purchase includes one olee sleep omega hybrid memory foam and pocket spring mattress | pillows or frame are not included
  • mattress dimensions – 75” l x 39" w x 10" h | composed of 5 layers including pocket spring | the coil is 7.5 inch thick to maintain firm mattress and it has a 1.5 inch soft memory foam that absorbs pressure and disperse on spring
  • dura cool i-gel helps you have a deep and comfortable sleep with no temperature sensitive

A costly luxury mattress that is well worth it.

Also, this twin memory foam mattress might be the thickest mattress on this list.

The mattress has 5 layers. That’s a very unusual number for foam mattresses that are known for 2 to 3 layers.

Out of the 10 inches, 7.5 inches of its thickness is occupied by the coil springs responsible for supporting the bulk of your weight as you sleep. Also, the coil springs maintain the mattress’s shape and firmness.

1.5 inches of the remaining thickness then contain the soft memory foam. This layer is responsible for absorbing pressure as you sleep and distributing your weight on the coil springs beneath to prevent neck and backaches.

Out of the remaining three layers, there is a layer of Dura cool gel. It regulates your body’s temperatures as you sleep. You no longer have to worry about hot and sweaty nights.


  • It has efficient cooling properties.
  • It’s “perfect” on the firmness scale. It’s not too firm nor too soft.
  • The mattress cover is of high quality. Soft and breathable.


3. The Best Price 12-Inch Green Tea Twin Mattress

Best Price Mattress 12 ( Bed-in-a-Box, CertiPUR-US Certified, Twin)
Product Highlights:
  • float on a cloud in amazing comfort with body-conforming memory foam and ventilated pressure relief foam
  • temperature-reactive memory foam. in normal temperatures it is somewhat firm, but as you lay down, it reacts to the temperature of your body and begins to mold itself to your shape.
  • weight is evenly distributed along the surface, relieving pressure points and helping you to sleep deeper without tossing and turning!

Quality-wise it’s one of the best overall mattresses in the world. Please continue reading to find out why we rate this twin mattress so highly.

This mattress has three layers.

The first and top-most layer is the Green tea memory foam.

Why green tea?

Because of its pleasant smell. Green tea has a calming effect that will drown you into a deep sleep.

The second middle layer is aerated and built to absorb your body-weight pressure as you sleep. This layer prevents the buildup of the annoying and suffocating mattress odor.

The last and base layer is the high-density foam meant to support your weight. It will also ensure your spine is cared for as you sleep.

The mattress also has unique molding properties that allow it to cradle you as you sleep.


The ability is triggered by your body’s temperature, which softens the foam and allows it to mold and cup your body as you sleep.


  • Its green tea smell is calming.
  • It can adjust its firmness to cup and cradle you as you sleep.
  • It comes with a high-quality rich poly jacquard mattress cover.


  • Many customers have complained that this mattress doesn’t last.

4. The Avenco Cold Farm 10-inch Hybrid Twin Foam Mattress

Twin Mattress Avenco Twin ( Comfortable And Supportive, Edge Support, CertiPUR-US)
Product Highlights:
  • breathable & cooling - the new fabric material -- 3d mesh fabric is used around the foam layer for improving the breathability of the memory foam mattress twin. the open cells gel memory foam can control the temperature and keep cooling. the delicate grey knitted fabric is anti-pilling, skin-friendly, and breathable. that you don't need to worry about overheating.
  • supportive & motion isolation - the individually wrapped pocket springs on this twin mattress 10 inch can provide support independently and limit motion transfer. this twin foam mattress hybrid can effectively reduce noise and prevent shaking, you don't need to worry about noise.
  • comfortable & pressure relief - this avenco hybrid mattress twin has gel memory foam, comfort foam, and high-density foam, can absorb your weight, relieve pressure, and block the spring. this medium firm mattress twin size is suitable for all sleeping positions.

The mattress is more than mere good looks. It creates the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep. It’s a hybrid.

It all starts with the wrapping material on the entire mattress.

The material is not only soft, but it’s also breathable to keep you nice and cool as you sleep. In addition to that, its aeration will ensure the mattress is free from funny and nasty odors.

Next, its four layers will deliver a comfortable sleeping experience. It has spring pockets that ensure your weight is well distributed. Thanks to its back support capabilities, you’ll never have to wake up with nasty backaches.

Of course, they didn’t leave out the gel memory foam. It helps prevent sweating as you sleep.

The mattress is everything you’d ever want from a twin foam mattress.


  • Its support feature makes it perfect for all sleeping positions.
  • It’s compatible with all beds and frames (Box springs, traditional bed frames, platforms, and even floors).
  • It’s definitely on the firmer side of things. However, you’ll never hear or feel your partner toss and turn as you sleep.


  • It’s pricey but worth it.

5. The Perfect Cloud Signature Twin Memory Foam Mattress for Kids

Made In USA ( Teddy Bear For Day/Trundle/Bunk Bed - (Pink))
Product Highlights:
  • design | our kids mattress has three unique layers consisting of a 1-inch plush cushion memory foam topper, 2-inches of ventilated convoluted airflow transition foam, and a thick order reducing 4-inch charcoal-infused grey poly foam base.
  • matching pillow and teddy bear | included matching blue plush shredded memory foam pillow and soft and plush teddy bear.
  • premium cover | our best-in-class premium velvet cover offers a luxurious look and feel, and is so snuggly soft that you may not want to put linens over it.

We thought that since we were reviewing the best twin mattresses in the market, we might as well squeeze in a little something for the kids.

We’re telling you, this is the best we could find. It really is.

This Perfect Cloud mattress has three unique layers.

The first layer is a 1-inch topper of plush memory foam. Also, this layer is hypoallergenic and, therefore, free from materials that trigger skin-related allergic reactions.

The second layer is a 2-inch ventilation layer that will keep the mattress cool and breathable through the entire night.

The third and final layer is the 4-inch base foam that supports the entire build and keeps the mattress free from odors thanks to its charcoal-infusion.

Finally, this mattress also comes with two surprises.

We’ll spoil the fun and tell you what they are—A pillow that matches the mattress color and, of course, a nice and soft teddy bear.


  • This mattress is super comfortable. It’s like a cloud.
  • It comes with a free pillow and a teddy bear.
  • Its materials are hypoallergenic and mite-resistant.


  • No flaws. The mattress is the best in the kids’ department.

Buying Guide

Below are the most important factors to consider when shopping for a twin memory foam mattress.

1. Firmness and Comfortability

Of course, your mattress of choice needs to be comfortable enough for you to sleep the entire night.

Do you love sleeping on rocks? Then maybe you should buy the super firm and coil-based mattresses.

2. Cooling Properties

Most people are hot sleepers. To be on the safe side, go for mattresses with cooling capabilities. These are mattresses must either have gel-infused layers or breathable layers that aerate themselves.

3. Durability

Many mattresses form depressions after a few months of use. In case you didn’t know, mattresses should last for an average of at least 7 to 9 years.

4. Warranties and Company Policies

Buying mattresses online can be a little tricky. To be on the safe side, buy from companies that have trustworthy warranty policies.

5. Hypoallergenic Properties

Make sure the mattress’s materials are hypoallergenic. Its materials should be safe and non-reactive for those prone to allergic reactions.

How to Take Care of Mattress

To keep your mattress in a top condition we advise you to do the following:

  • Avoid bending or jumping on the bed
  • Wash your bed linens regularly (wash every week or two)
  • Use a mattress protector to shield spills, bedwetting, and stains.
  • Let your mattress breathe by pulling the covers back
  • Allow the mattress to air for a while every day
  • Vacuuming with a hose attachment to remove dust
  • Rotate your mattress 180 degrees every two to six months.
  • Clean your lines regularly to avoid dust mites and bacteria
  • Clean stains with soap and water solution and avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the foam integrity.
  • Let your mattress dry after cleaning before putting on beddings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Memory foam or latex mattress? Which one is best?

Memory foam mattresses outdo latex mattresses in all aspects as far as quality and comfort are concerned.

What is the most comfortable base for memory foam mattresses?

The plain solid base is the best for memory foam mattresses. If you go slats, make sure the spaces are narrow.

What is the lifespan of memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses last for an average of 7 to 9 years.

Do memory foam mattresses keep bedbugs?

No. Bed Bugs can’t survive in memory foam mattresses. Instead, worry about the cracks and spaces in your bed frame. That is where the bedbugs live.

Should I flip or rotate memory mattresses?

Rotate, never flip your mattress.