The Best Queen Mattresses Under $300: The Best Affordable Options

People will tell you that the best budget mattresses are never below $300. However, we beg to differ. It wasn’t easy, but we were able to find the best budget queen mattresses under $300.

5 Best-Selling Queen Mattresses Under $300

Some of these mattresses were even worthy enough to win some “Best mattress” titles in 2020. Please continue reading to discover the hidden world of quality budget mattresses under $300.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Queen Mattresses Under $300

1. The Lucid 10-Inch Hybrid Mattress

LUCID 10 Inch Twin ( - Odor Reducing - CertiPUR-US Certified)
Product Highlights:
  • bamboo charcoal infusions eliminate odors and pull moisture away from the skin for a naturally hypoallergenic bed
  • high-quality transition foam infused with aloe vera creates a calming and relaxing sleep environment that promotes daily freshness
  • medium-plush feel; memory foam, transition foam, and coils bring soft and gentle comfort underpinned by a well-balanced layer of support

The Lucid 10 Hybrid mattress is unique.

Just as the name suggests, this unique mattress has been infused with bamboo charcoal to give you a smooth sleeping experience. It’s a hybrid.


The bamboo charcoal in the mattress works to absorb moisture and odor from your skin and bed, respectively. In addition to that, its materials are also hypoallergenic.

Did you know its materials also contain traces of Aloe Vera, whose task is to treat your skin as you sleep?

Its structure is also quite detailed.

The mattress has four layers of foam laid upon cased springs to give it a medium push-and-sink experience.


  • It’s a hypoallergenic mattress.
  • Its medium push-and-sink property makes it comfortable for most people.
  • It also comes with a breath-able Tencel blend cover.


  • Some customers have complained that the mattress is too firm for their liking.

2. The Subrtex Queen 8-Inch Full-body Mattress

Subrtex 8 Inch Mattress ( CertiPUR-US Certified, Bed In A Box(Queen, 8-inch))
Product Highlights:
  • innovative design:subrtex adopts high-density memory foam which prolongs the longevity of the mattress.our 8" mattress is made from 3 layers of foam:2"gel-infused memory foam providing a cooler sleeping environment,2"comfort foam and 4"high-density base foam,giving your body complete support.
  • certipur-us:all foam and materials are within certipur-us standards and contain zero harmful chemicals. no formaldehyde and low voc.
  • enjoy your sleeping:our scientific foam structure proportion maximizes the function of different foam layers. super anti-interference. no motion transfer. you won't have to worry about waking your partner ensuring you a quiet sleep all night.

“It’s like sleeping on a cloud.”

Subrtex is already famous for its high-quality mattresses, and this one is no different.

The beauty of this mattress starts with its high-density foam that not only guarantees you a peaceful night but also prolongs the mattress’s life.

It has three layers.

The first is the 2-inch gel foam layer made to provide you with a cool sleeping experience.

The second layer is another 2-inch foam made to provide you with comfort.

The third and final layer is the 4-inch high-density foam that gracefully supports your weight as you sleep. There will be no motion shifting and noise as you toss and turn at night.

What about the covers?

The mattress comes with two covers. The first and outermost cover is removable and anti-slip. Also, the inner microfiber cover has fire-proof properties.


  • The mattress comes in many thickness variants (8 to 12 inches).
  • It’s breathable thanks to the gel-infused layer that promises you a peaceful sleeping experience.
  • It’s the perfect balance of firm and soft.


  • Some have complained that the mattress comes with strong chemical smells.

3. The Novilla 10-Inch Gel Mattress

Queen Mattress Novilla 10 ( Relief, Medium Firm Bed Mattresses, Bliss)
Product Highlights:
  • get up without any pains- novilla queen size mattress with 4 layers all-foam system, the foam mattress not too soft nor too firm for all sleep positions. this medium firm mattress is made of gel memory foam combined with comfort foam, plus high-density foam underneath, which aligns your spine and evenly disperses your body weight to relieve pressure points while you are sleeping.
  • cooling queen mattress for restful sleep- novilla 10 inch queen size mattress is designed with gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool & stay comfortable all night long. bamboo fabrics in the mattress surface to enhance 30% breath-ability. the middle foam layer is designed as an airflow channel to increase airflow through all areas of this queen foam mattress.
  • odorless & plush feel- mattresses are made of certipur-us certified foam, without any harmful off-gassing and substances like formaldehyde, mercury, and other heavy metals. removable queen bed mattress cover use skin-friendly rayon fabric, heavenly soft to touch. novilla queen memory foam mattress gives you a healthier and cloud-like experience.

With this mattress, you’ll never have to worry about early morning backaches.


The Novilla mattress is of medium firmness. The high-density base foam will gently holds] your spine in place and ensure your weight is evenly distributed to ease your pressure points.

In addition to the base foam, there is also a gel-infused foam to keep you cool as you sleep.

Yes, you no longer have to endure long and sweaty nights. Also, the mattress’s fibers are bamboo to ensure breath-ability.

For those who are concerned, this mattress doesn’t come with any chemical smell.

Also, its foam is hypoallergenic.

After unboxing, make sure you leave the mattress to aerate for at least 72 hours before use.

Does it come with a mattress cover?

Yes. The mattress cover is smooth, non-reactive, and harmless to your skin thanks to its rayon cotton fabric.


  • Customers have rated it as the most comfortable mattress (It’s a cloud).
  • Its cooling abilities are impressive.
  • The mattress doesn’t come with any chemical smell or odor.


  • To some, it’s too firm.

4. The AC Pacific 6-inch Aloe Vera Mattress

AC Pacific The Soft ( Inch Mattress, Queen Size (ALOE-6-QM))
Product Highlights:
  • covered in a luxurious aloe vera extract treated stretch knit fabric
  • premium quality foam - certipur-us certified that has been tested to meet rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability
  • layer construction:1 inch memory foam,5 inches high density support layer

The mattress is special.


Because of its prominent feature, the Aloe Vera infused foam.

The 1-inch Aloe Vera foam is the topmost layer. Because of the Aloe Vera infusion, it has also inherited Aloe Vera’s health benefits. These include Aloe Vera’s skin healing capabilities and anti-bacterial properties.

The remaining 5 inches make up the high-density foam base responsible for gently holding your weight as you sleep. It ensures proper spinal cord placement and blood circulation through the night.

How firm is this mattress?

The AC Pacific mattress is firmer than most in the market. However, it has this special ability that allows it to mold around your body as you sleep.

This mattress indeed comes with a chemical smell upon unboxing. However, many customers have stated that the smell quickly goes away. All you have to do is let it rest in the open for at least 48 hours before use.


  • It has inherited Aloe Vera’s healing and anti-bacterial properties.
  • It can be very comfortable if you prefer firm mattresses.
  • It has cooling properties that will keep away the heat and sweat as you sleep.


  • To some, its firmness is too much to handle.

5. Sleep Innovations 12-inch Marley Queen Mattress

Sleep Innovations Marley Cooling ( Queen, 12 Inches)
Product Highlights:
  • queen size cooling memory foam mattress: this 12 inch cooling gel memory foam mattress is perfect for hot sleepers; the gel memory foam top layer and supportive center combine to relieve pressure
  • cooling comfort: available in medium and medium firm options, the marley mattress features a triple layer design with airflow channels in the supportive middle layer to maintain a comfortable climate all night
  • support for every sleeper: whether you are a side sleeper or feel best on your stomach or back, looking for motion isolation, edge support, and/or breathability, we have an eco conscious mattress for you

A queen mattress exactly on the 300-dollar mark. The question here is, is it worth the price tag? Let’s find out.

First, you should know that this mattress won the title “US News & World Report’s Best Budget Mattress of 2020.” Proof that this mattress must be good.

Like the majority of mattresses on this list, this one also has three layers.

The first 2 inches are of gel memory foam designed to cool you as you sleep.

The next 3 inches are of breathable foam that aerates the entire mattress as you sleep. It gives it its breath-ability property.

The last and final 7 inches are of high-density premium foam that is strong enough to support you as you sleep.

You’ll also be glad to know that the mattress fibers are hypoallergenic. This means it’s less likely to trigger a reaction in those who are prone to allergies.

There are no chemical or funny smells with this mattress. Unlike the others, it’s ready for use immediately after unboxing.

How firm is it?

This mattress is definitely on the tougher side of the firmness scale. It’s best for those who hate bouncy mattresses.


  • It’s the best budget mattress for firm mattress lovers.
  • It doesn’t come with any chemical and funny smells.
  • Its fabric is hypoallergenic.


  • Some customers have complained that this mattress isn’t durable.

Buying Guide

Below are the factors to consider when shopping for a budget mattress.

1. Cooling Feature

When shopping for a queen mattress, look for one that has gel-infused foam. It’s even better if it has breathable fibers. A cooling mattress is especially useful if you’re living in hot climate areas.

2. Mattress Covers

A mattress cover won’t hurt, and it’s something to look forward to when buying a mattress. Some of these covers have special abilities that improve your sleep.

3. Hypoallergenic Certification

Look for mattresses that are certified to be hypoallergenic. This is especially important if you’re prone to skin-related conditions and allergies.

4. Customer Reviews

When shopping for a mattress, apart from doing extensive research, make sure you go through the reviews on the product’s page to get several opinions before purchase.

5. Warranties and Policies

Make sure the company you’re purchasing from is transparent and straightforward. The customer-support also has to be reliable.

How to Keep Your Mattress in Good Shape Longer

1. Mattress Must be Properly Supported

You may not always need to purchase a matching foundation for your new mattress. What you just have to do is to make sure that your mattress has the right kind of support and it can handle the weight of the mattress and your weight. By doing this, you can preserve the integrity of the materials and prevent your mattress from early wear.

It is best if you can check the mattress support once every year to ensure that there are no broken slats or springs that could damage your mattress.

2. Mattress Protect

Using a mattress protector, in the beginning, can make a huge impact on your mattress and they are one of the best and simplest ways to protect your mattress lifespan.

A great quality mattress protector is made with waterproof material that can guard against spill accidents as it can easily clean when accidents do happen and they can reduce the amount of dust, debris, and dirt that can stay into your bed.

Also, they will protect the materials inside your mattress from any damage, bugs infestation, and reduces the chance of building up allergens such as mold, and dust mites.

3. Regularly Wash Bed Lines

When we are sleeping, we shed oils, sweat and skin cells and if you are a person who likes to eat on the bed you can certainly leave behind food crumbs. With that in mind, all of this can get into the mattress layers and can encourage dust mites and bacterias.

So washing your bed sheets and blankets regularly every week is the best way to prevent this problem. Even when you are using a mattress protector it is still important to keep your linens clean all the time.

4. Rotate the Mattress Regularly

Every kind of mattress gets some benefits from being rotated regularly. That doesn’t mean you have to rotate it monthly. Every two to six months rotate your mattress 180 degrees from head to foot as it helps promote more even wear, while if you do not rotate it, it will make depressions and softening your mattress especially on the first couple of years.

5. No Jumping On the Bed

Jumping on the bed can wear down your mattress quickly. The springs, foam, and frame can all be damaged if you are hard on your mattress as it cannot withstand the weight and the force of jumping.

6. Let the Light in Occasionally

When the weather is dry and sunny, letting the sunlight into your mattress every month or two for several hours can help prevent excess moisture both from sleepers and humidity. Also, it helps to keep the dust mites making their home into your mattress.

7. Following Manufacturer’s Cleaning Directions

Certainly, all kinds of mattresses should have to be cleaned regularly to keep the environment clean and keep your mattress healthy and in a good shape. Many manufacturers include proper directions to remove a stain and how to generally clean it. Most beds must be vacuumed with a hose attachment to remove surface dust.

Stains can be spot treated with soap and water solution, but you must allow them to dry up before making your bed. Also, keep in mind that you have to avoid using a harsh chemical cleaner on your mattress as it can break down the foam integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How large is the queen mattress?

It’s around 5 by 6 feet.

Are cheap mattresses dependable?

Yes, if you’re patient enough and willing to do extensive research to find “The One.” Luckily, we’re here to help.

How long do queen mattresses last?

The average lifespan for queen mattresses is around 7 to 9 years.

Is it safe to buy mattresses online?

Yes, with the right advisors and reviewers.

Is it safe to put queen mattresses on full spring boxes?

No. It’s not recommended.