Recliner for heavy person

The Best Lift Recliner For Heavy Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

We can all agree that a comfortable recliner and furniture, in general, goes a long way. Considering that we all have different builds, it can be challenging for some of us to get the furniture that is comfortable and perfect in all aspects. When it comes to lifting recliners, they come in handy for all things comfort and support.  If you are a heavy person, you certainly want to buy a lift recliner that can bear your weight without you fearing for your safety or stability of the chair.

This is one reason why it’s always important to check the weight limit in the product specifications before making your purchase. We shall have a look at some of the best lift recliners for heavy people as well as a simple guide to help you make your decision.

5 Best-Selling Lift Recliner For Heavy Person

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Lift Recliner For Heavy Person

1. Irene House Power Lift Recliner, For Elderly Up To 300 Lbs, Okin Motor

It is one thing to have a recliner and another to have one that is functional and comfortable. From the sturdy wood frame to the overstuffed pillow design on the back, seat, and arms, this chair gives all the comfort you may need. The reclining and lifting mechanism also makes it quite useful especially for persons with difficulty standing from the sitting position. 

Thanks to the reclining function and the elevated footrest, you can take a nap or even relax with so much ease. The recliner can support up to 300 pounds thus making it suitable for someone with a heavy build. Also, most of the components come with a warranty.

2. Mecor Power Lift Recliner, Massage And Heating Function, TUV Certified Motor, Up To 330 Lbs

Mecor Lift Recliner For ( System/Cup Holders/Side Pockets For Living Room)
Product Highlights:
  • power lift chair: counter-balanced lift mechanism with tuv certified motor pushes the entire chair up to assist the senior stand up easily without adding stress to back or knees, smoothly adjust to lift or reclining position you prefer by pressing two buttons.
  • massage and heated lift recliner:the stand up recliner chair designed with 8 vibrating massage nodes for back,lumbar, thigh, legs and one heating system for lumbar. all the features can be controlled by the remote controller.
  • recliners chair for elderly:it reclines to 160 degrees,extending footrest and reclining feature allows you to fully stretch and relax ,ideal for watching television, sleeping and reading .also ideal for persons who have difficulty getting out of a chair.

With measurements of 33 by 35 by 41 inches, this power lift recliner chair can bear up to 330 pounds. Aside from being a comfortable and sturdy piece, you also get to enjoy the massage and heating functions. The chair can recline up to 160 degrees and it has a weight limit of up to 330 pounds. 

The upholstery PU leather for this chair is waterproof thus making it easy to clean. Not forgetting the memory foam which makes the recliner quite comfortable. There’s also the counter-balanced mechanism you get to enjoy thanks to the TUV motor which allows the chair to smoothly adjust to either the reclining or lift position.

3. ANJ Power Lift Recliner, Massage, And Heat Function, Up to 350 Pounds

ANJ Electric Massage Power ( Overstuffed Motorized Reclining Chairs With USB Port (Grey))
Product Highlights:
  • 🐇➤massage & heating function: the best recliners for your home are the ones that do it all - reclining, massaging, and heating.this chair make every day feel like a spa day.10 different modes meet your demand of different massage. the 4 areas of massage focus shin, thigh, lumbar, shoulder. you can freely choose the intensity and location of massage. lumbar heating function with massage to make your waist more comfortable
  • 🐇➤sturdy and functional power lift recliner: modern style and functionality merge together with single motor and heavy duty mechanism, lay back or lift and tilt to stand, smoothly adjust to any customized position which provide ultimate lounging experience. the accompanied usb port is so convenient to charge your phone when in need. besides, it comes with a side pouch for magazines, books, and remote.
  • 🐇➤comfortable and antiskid upholstery: whether you’re reading a book or watching a movie, a comfortable chair can ease the stress from a busy day. overstuffed pillow designed on back, seat and armrest for support and comfort with a high back, thick cushion and high grade antiskid upholstery, provide a very comfortable sitting feel and enhances safety

Getting functionality and comfort served up at the same time is a rare find. However, that is what this power massage lift recliner chair has to offer. With the four massage area focus, every day feels like a spa day with this chair. The power recliner is quite sturdy and can bear a weight load of up to 350 pounds. The massage, heat, reclining and lift functions are some of the things you get to enjoy with this chair.

It makes for a perfect spot to unwind after a long stressful day thanks to the comfortable overstuffed pillow designed for the back, seat, and armrests. The upholstery used is antiskid upholstery material thus enhancing your safety. Also, most of the components come with a warranty.

4. Esright Power Lift Recliner, UL Approved Silent Lift Motor, Heated Vibration Massage, 300 Lbs Weight Capacity

If you’re looking for an ergonomic and environmentally friendly option then you can check out the Esright power lift recliner. From the adjustable backrest, retractable footrest to the softly padded cushions, you get to enjoy ultimate comfort whether you’re watching, napping, or just relaxing.

Aside from the USB charging function, you also get to enjoy the heated vibration massage function as well as the lift and recline functions. The UL approved silent lift motor allows you to smoothly adjust the position of the recliner. It is also important to note that the USB port is only suitable for low power devices.

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5. JC Home Power Lift Recliner, Wall- hugger, Burnt Brûlée

JC Home Sabadell WallHugger ( Faux-Leather Upholstery, Burnt Brûlée)
Product Highlights:
  • recliner chair with power-lift mechanism for easy in/out; ideal for a living room or den
  • comfortable cushions made of high-density foam, polyester fiber, and independently wrapped pocket coils
  • durable bonded-leather (pu) upholstery in a dark shade of brown; wired power control (included) ensures easy operation

Measuring 34.6, by 37 by 41 inches, this power lift reclining chair has a recommended weight capacity of up to 325 pounds. The power-lift makes it convenient for anyone with mobility problems or difficulty getting up from sitting position. 

The cushions are also made of high-density foam which makes it quite comfortable and the bonded leather PU upholstery used is durable. Although it’s a wall-hugger you only need to allow 4 inches for it to have adequate space to recline and lift with ease.

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Buying Guide

Before making a purchase, there are several things that you need to consider. From the cost, quality to durability, among other things. With this guide, we shall look at some of the essential factors that will help you make sound purchase decisions, after all, we all appreciate a little bang for our back.

1. Establish If You Need a Lift Recliner Chair

Aside from the usual comfort they offer, lift recliner chairs come in handy for individuals with mobility issues or joint or muscle problems. Once you establish why you need one, it will be easier for you to choose the right fit. For instance, do you need the one with a massage function or not?

2. Check the Weight Capacity Limit

When looking at a recliner’s specifications, it is essential to check the weight limit capacity. You certainly don’t want to buy a chair that will end up being uncomfortable to sit in. by checking the weight limit, you’ll be able to purchase one that is within your range.

3. Check the Upholstery Material

Is it non-slip, durable, or easy to clean? These are some of the things you need to check for you to ensure that you pick something that suits both your lifestyle and preferences.

4. Check the Frame of the Recliner

The frame material might vary depending on the design or brand you opt for. If you’re a heavy person, you certainly want to choose a recliner that is strong and sturdy.

5. Ensure the Recliner has Safety Features

Aside from comfort, safety is the other thing that’s of utmost importance. In case there’s no power how would you get off your power lift recliner? Does it have any backup battery? These are some of the things you should be aware of.

Why You Should Buy Lift Recliner Chair

1. Sitting Position

Recliner chair allows you to alternatively sit in a different positions without making you move from the chair.

2. Decrease Risk of Pressure Sores

Staying in the same position for a long period of time can cause pressure sore and numbness to some parts of your body, most commonly on your feet which can be unpleasant and painful. The altered position that the recliner chair provides, helps to decrease the risk of developing pressure sores and offers comfortability on your body.

3. Improves Circulation

Laying flat on recliner chairs and leveling your legs up to your heart can decrease the feeling of heaviness and can improve your blood circulation especially if you have mobility problems that make it difficult to move which can cause poor blood circulation that can lead to several health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions concerning the right lift recliner for you? Below are some of the frequently asked questions to help you with additional information.

Which is the best chair for a heavy person?

For most chairs, 300 pounds is the average weight limit. If you’re heavier than that, it might be challenging to find the right chair. However, from the reviews we’ve seen, there are those that can bear up to 350 pounds thus making it a suitable option depending on your size.

Can I get a portable lift recliner chair?

Usually, most lift recliner chairs are quite chunky and they’re not designed with portability in mind. Hence, it will be hard for you to get a portable lift recliner.

Should my lift recliner have a warrant?

Whenever you’re making any purchase, it’s advisable to check the warranty of the product you’re buying. This way, you’ll be able to seek assistance from your supplier in case of any damages.

What is the best upholstery material for  my lift recliner?

When choosing an upholstery material for your lift recliner, you should be able to choose one that suits your lifestyle. Do you have children or pets or would you like to have one that is easy to clean and so on? 

Are lift recliners comfortable?

The level of comfort will mostly depend on the padding material used or the cushion stuffing. Some can opt to use high-density foam or memory foam or even soft cushion padding. Mostly, lift recliners are comfortable but the level of comfort will vary across different brands.


Because of the limit in the weight capacity, it might be challenging to find a suitable lift recliner for heavy person. However, there are plenty of options if you look carefully. From those with massage and heat function to the ones with comfortable cushions and the lift and recline mechanisms, your needs will dictate the best choice for you.