The Best Leather Couch Conditioner: Keep Your Leather Couch Clean

A leather couch conditioner is a product that is essentially used to nourish and restore the natural flexibility of leather fibers.

6 Best-Selling Leather Couch Conditioner

When the leather couch loses their natural look due to dryness and sunburns, they start to crack, making it easy to get toned. Using the best leather couch conditioner will prevent this occurrence.

You may be undergoing the same problems and applied different conditioners, but they are not working or helping the way you want. After using the conditioner, dryness still occurs, and the couch becomes too ugly. Here are the best leather couch conditioners that will suit your problems.

Reviews of 6 Top Rated Leather Couch Conditioner

1. Leather Hero Leather Color Restorer & Applicator

Leather Hero Leather Color ( Shoes, Auto Car Seats, Couch-4oz (Burgundy))
Product Highlights:
  • leather color restorer repairs faded, scratched, and worn leather back to looking new again. made to blend, look, and feel just like leather. flexible, and will not rub off!
  • included is a 4oz leather color restorer jar, and a foam dauber brush for easy application
  • great for leather car seats, couches, shoes, boots, handbags, & all smooth leather products

The leather hero is a product manufactured by Designer Trends Inc, with an item weight of 6 ounces. Leather prices are always high, and leather hero repairs product-out leatherbacks, scratches, and restores the leather couch’s color. This product is not toxic, and you can use water to make it clean.

You don’t have to be a professional cleaner to use this product, the manual of how to apply it is illustrated on the product cover. The leather hero will make your expensive leather couch to look as new as it was before.

2. Leather Conditioner & Cleaner, Scratch Repair | Leather Milk Healing Balm

Leather Conditioner Cleaner ( Leather | All Natural, Non-Toxic Leather Cleaner)
Product Highlights:
  • heals & restores - whether your leather is plagued by scratches, scars, light cracks in the hide, or is just really, really thirsty – healing balm will milk it back from its rut with form.
  • deeply conditions - carefully optimized to preserve glossy and shiny finishes, this all-natural, curating potion will enrich the color and vibrancy of your leather.
  • extraordinary quality made in the usa - unlike ordinary conditioners, healing balm is made especially for aesthetic work, designed for detail and touch up work for leather that’s seen better days. not for use on suede or other extremely soft leathers.

This leather conditioner and cleaner are among the best leather conditioners. This conditioner heals and restores when the leather has scratches, scars sun burn cracks. It deeply conditions and maintains the tingling shine of the leather couch. It brings back the natural appearance of the leather. It also keeps the color and physical appearance of the leather.

This product from the Chamberlain is designed for the leather that is currently in the market. It is a product from the USA  and is made of the finest and deeply conditioned oil and waxes with a cosmetic level. This product comes in handy with a scrubbing sponge, too suitable for use in cleaning the leather.

3. Obenauf’s LP Boot Preservative 8 oz

Obenaufs Heavy Duty LP ( Oil Beeswax Formula (8oz))
Product Highlights:
  • leather conditioner cream with real beeswax and plant oils designed to melt when spread on by hand
  • condition, restore dried and sun faded leather saddle bags, chaps, and holsters
  • heavy duty leather preservative is made in the usa

This conditioner is made from beeswax and oils that are melted and spread by the use of hands. The product restores dry and faded leather. It’s a USA product with one of the top 10 ranked companies and best rated in terms of leather couch conditioning products.

The Obenauf’s LP boot preservative 8oz leather couch conditioner is 9 ounces, making it portable and easy to carry.

Obenauf’s was manufactured originally to offer protection to fire brigades’ leather gears. The beeswax protects the leather from caustic fire, heat water, and abrasion. The oil released to the fibers acts as a long term lubricant. Oiling the leather makes it excellent looking. Before applying the conditioner, I recommend a spot test since this product will darken the leather and nubuck. This product can be recommended for suede purposes. Note that.

The heavy-duty LP is not just used in maintaining the natural look of the couch. It can also be used for preserving leather for boots, saddlebags, chaps, tack, holsters, leathers, baseball gloves, and many more leather designed products. It can also be used to protect unfinished wood furniture. To reproof your cotton oilskin dusters and hat, apply a low heat blow dryer.

4. Chemical Guys SPI_103_16 Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner in One, 16 oz

The Chemical Guys leather conditioner brings the nature of leather, restores, and protects the dried, scratched, and faded leather. The products have no greasy feel and dry faster after the spray is done. It is rich in vitamin E  and aloe vera that keeps the leather so soft, supple, and protected. It has lanolin cream basically and naturally produced from propolis with quality remarks.

It is water repellant and protects the leather from scuffing, which will make the leather-free,  providing a more durable coat. The spray gives out a fresh smell that will leave your room smelling sensational. The blended chemical protects the leather from drying, cracking, and hardening resulting from the leather’s aging. The spray has a neutral pH and natural oils, which tend to be absorbed by the leather surfaces’ pores. It has stain repellent agents that protect the leather. The use of this spray brings unconquered protection, lasts longer, dry faster, and sweet scent with an unmatched supple feel.

5. Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey

Leather Cleaner By Leather ( Concentrated Formula Makes 32 Ounces When Diluted!)
Product Highlights:
  • non-toxic, gentle leather cleaner: our leather cleaner concentrate is a natural cleaner ideal for all your leather goods. our proven restoration formula is powerful, odorless, and chemical-free. this concentrate offers great value and makes 32 ounces when diluted with water!
  • clean all your leather - even faux/vinyl: quickly and gently removes dirt, oil, tough stains and grime from car seats, truck seats, upholstery, furniture, handbags, purses, shoes, jackets, accessories, holsters, work gloves, motorcycle gear, saddles, and tack. effectively cleans new and old leather of all colors, including black leather, white leather, brown leather, red leather, and yellow leather. safe for exotic leather as well!
  • a powerful cleaner in an easy solution: dilute the concentrate in 32 ounces of water and apply with a spray bottle or lint-free cloth. no need to scrub or rub — simply wipe down the dirty leather and allow it to dry. spot test on each leather item first. not for use on suede.

Leather honey is a product of the United States of America, with 50 years of existence, making it the best leather conditioner producing company and the best selling leather care products on Amazon. The company offers the full return of funds if you are not satisfied with their products.

This nontoxic and gentle leather cleaner that naturally cleans your couch restores your leather couch’s natural look. Its formula is robust, with no smell, and has no chemicals. Its concentration has a tremendous and positive effect and makes 32 ounces when it is mixed with water. It is quick and removes all dirt, oily and robust stains from couches. It also essential for all leather products, whether old or new. Leather honey is also used for exotic leather, and it works so well.

Its powerful formula doesn’t require scrubbing. Just wipe out the dirty part and let it dry. This can be applied to any leather item in your house, and it is not used as suede.

6. Lexol Leather Conditioner

Lexol leather conditioner is a product of Lexol, a company situated in the United States of America since 1933. The company has a good reputation and rating on how well their products give good service and meets the client’s needs.

Lexol leather conditioner has a new look which is formulated to cater to your need. These products fight against the dry, crack, scratch, scar, and fade of color to offer you a good look of your leather couch. This product will prolong your couch’s life and give a long service duration of the sofa or any other leather items in your household. Lexol has oil that absorbs, nourishes, and flexible, not leaving your leather greasy. You don’t require a lot of energy or effort while cleaning your couch. Lexol is made to cater to your leather problems at any given time. You will enjoy using this product.

Benefits of Using Leather Furniture Cleaners and Conditioners

  • Adds durability- It is known that the most durable material used on furniture is leather fabric. With regular cleaning and conditioning your leather furniture will maintain its softness, durability, and smoothness.
  • Pigmentation- Dullness and color fading are common on leather products. That is why it is best to regularly condition your leather furniture to restore the original color.
  • Maintenance- Maintaining your leather furniture will become easy and simple for you when you use a cleaner and conditioner regularly.
  • Revives the Leather- Proper cleaning of the leather takes care of dullness, scratches and restores the shine and life of your leather furniture.

How to Choose The Best Leather Sofa Conditioner and Cleaner

1. Upholstery

Before purchasing a cleaner or conditioner for your leather furniture make sure you know what type of leather is used in your sofa so it will be easier for you to pick a conditioner or cleaner that is best for it.

2. Ingredients

Always check the ingredients as it may have harsh ingredients that can sometimes damage the leather or your family member is allergic into.

3. pH-balance

The safest way to pick a cocnditioner or cleaner is to buy products taht have neutral pH-balance as it is more effective as a cleaning solution and leather protection.

4. Versatility

A versatile cleaning and conditioner solution is always a better choice as it can be used on different furniture other than just leather products.


Leather couches are not cheap when purchasing them. Maintain them at all costs. Making them look fresh and new will bring joy unto yourself. They will give you service for a very long time compared to other ordinary couches.

The conditioners will give you a fresh look and maintain your couches’ color, remove cracks, scars, dryness, scratches just to bring back the image that was initially in your leather couch when you purchased it. All the best when you are buying leather couch conditioners.