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What Is The Best Electric Recliner For The Elderly?

Electric recliner makes life easier for the elderly. Furthermore, they also come with many benefits (especially when it comes to mobility). Buying an electric recliner for your elderly loved one is a great idea. It will offer them a place they can sit, unwind, and relax. Now, here are the 5 best electric recliners for the elderly.

5 Best-Selling Electric Recliners For The Elderly

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Electric Recliners For The Elderly

1. The Ashley Furniture Signature Design- Yandle Powerlift

Signature Design By Ashley ( Recliner For Elderly, Brown)
Product Highlights:
  • contemporary power lift recliner: style and functionality merge together in this dual motor lift chair recliner. with just the touch of a button, the power lift eases you back and elevates your legs for the ultimate lounging experience
  • inviting comfort: designed for support and comfort with a high back, thick cushions and faux leather upholstery, sturdy corner-blocked frame has a metal reinforced seat
  • smooth brown upholstery: saddle brown upholstery looks like leather, but is actually thick poly fiber with a cozy feel-good touch

This has got to be the best electric recliner in the market. Did you know that leather is the best fabric for household furniture? Yes, it’s easy to clean, pet-friendly, and of course, gorgeous.

Enough about looks. Just from the pictures, you can already tell that this recliner is large. Sure, it might take up a considerable amount of space. However, its size also means it can accommodate most people—Its tall backrest makes it perfect for both tall and short individuals.

In addition to that, We also have to appreciate its footrest functionality. You can now sit back, put your feet in the air, and enjoy the heavenly feeling that comes with this chair.


  • It’s large and can accommodate anyone.
  • It has handy side pockets.
  • There’s a remote control for all your recline motions.
  • It has a footrest functionality.


  • It will take up a considerable amount of space.
  • The fabric is durable, but not waterproof.
  • It lacks cup holders.

2. The Bonzy Recliner Contemporary Power Lift Chair

BONZY Contemporary Power Lift ( For Gentle Motor, Slate Gray)
Product Highlights:
  • ➤user friendly- remote control allows for recliner/lift to work with ease.  this is ideal for those with medical handicaps,  women who are nursing,  the elderly or the extreme loungers.
  • ➤how the lift works:  the chair lifts up then slightly tilts in order to allow a gentle slide in order to assist the user into standing upright without putting stress on back or knees.
  • ➤size: 31” w x 36” d x 40. 5” h seat size:  20” w x 20. 5” d x 20” h

It might not look like much, but this chair is among the best in the business. Why? Its recline functionality is smooth and seamless. Plus, it can also serve as a cozy nursery chair. Its size is also something to take note of—It’s small and perfect for those who might not have a lot of space laying around.

What about the cushions? It might not be as padded as the Signature by Ashley. However, its seat and backrest cushions are comfortable enough for long seating sessions. The seat cushion is made from high-density foam. Thus, it’s slightly firmer than your average cushions.



  • Its short backrest might not suit taller individuals (People taller than 5’10’’).
  • The footrest functionality is dependent on the recline. You can’t rest your feet without first reclining.

3. The Mcombo Electric Power Lift Massage Sofa Recliner

MCombo Electric Power Lift ( Holders, USB Ports, Faux Leather 7040 (Medium))
Product Highlights:
  • power lift assistance: counter-balanced lift mechanism with a tuv certified actuator pushes the entire chair up to assist the user stand up easily without adding stress to the back or knees, smoothly adjust to the lift or reclining position you prefer by pressing two buttons on the remote control.
  • easy to assemble and operate: depending on the unique structure and wiring design, it's simple to assemble the chair, and also no tools are needed (about 15 minutes for a novice). you can adjust the chair to a lift or reclining position you prefer by pressing two lighted buttons of the new design remote control.
  • full-body vibration & lumbar heating: it comes with 8 vibrating points around the chair and 1 lumbar heating point. both can be turned off at a fixed time of 10/20/30 minutes. (heating function works separately from vibration.)

Just as the name suggests, this recliner chair has additional massage functionality. You no longer have to worry about lower back pains as a result of long sitting hours. With the press of a button, this recliner will start vibrating and put all your muscles and joints to rest. Plus, it also has an inbuilt heat-up feature that will keep you warm on the cold winter days.

The heating element and vibrating motors are strategically placed at your lower back for targeted comfort. You get to choose from 9 modes that let you decide the intensity of the heated massage.

This chair is upholstered with faux leather. Leather is amazing for household furniture. Despite all it’s wonderous features, some might not like the fact that this chair can’t recline to a full 180-degree angle.


  • It has additional massage and heat functionalities.
  • It has cup holders.
  • Covered with faux leather.
  • USB ports are available.


  • It doesn’t recline to a full 180-degree angle. Some people might have difficulties napping at an inclined angle.

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4. The CANMOV Powerlift Recliner Chair with Overstuffed Design

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner ( Living Room Chair With Overstuffed Design (Camel))
Product Highlights:
  • sturdy and functional power lift recliner: modern style and functionality merge together with single motor and heavy duty mechanism, lay back or lift and tilt to stand, smoothly adjust to any customized position which provide ultimate lounging experience. this is an upgraded lift chair, larger in size than before. if you start using it, you will love it.
  • comfortable and antiskid upholstery: overstuffed pillow designed on back, seat and armrest for support and comfort with a high back, thick cushion and high grade antiskid upholstery, provide a very comfortable sitting feel and enhances safety.
  • easy assembly and easy using: less 10 mins installation, search” canmov lift chair” on youtube for assembly guide video, all functions used by only two buttons remote control. overall size: 38.5"w x 38.5"d x 42"h, seat height – 20.4", its max weight capacity is about 300lbs. kindly please confirm the size before buying. tips: the lift chair comes with 2 boxes and we ship them on the same day but the carrier may deliver them to your door on different days.

This has got to be the puffiest chair on the list. Everything is thickly padded, all the way from the armrests to the seat cushions, and backrest. Indeed, this chair was built to deliver nothing but comfort.

How about the reclining motion? It’s smooth and noiseless. On top of that, this chair’s recline lacks the “jerkiness” that is a common trait with many power lift recline chairs. The starts and finish of the recline motion are seamless and also upholstered with smooth microfibre fabric that is smooth to the touch and anti-skid to stop you from falling off the chair.


  • Thickly padded for those who prefer stuffed cushions.
  • It’s firm and durable.
  • Its recline functionality is world-class.
  • You’ll love the microfiber fabric.


  • A fully automated chair that can’t be manually used in case there is a power outage.
  • The side pockets are too small.
  • It has very low armrests.

5. The Irene House Detachable Modern Recliner Chair

Irene House Power Lift ( Recliner With Side Pocket, 9166 Single Motor(Brown))
Product Highlights:
  • this recliner is powered by german brand okin single motor,it serves two purposes,first,it offers a power lift function ideal for elderly individuals who have difficulty standing from a sitting position, it also works as reclining sofa chair that gently reclines the chair with a simple push of a button.
  • supports up to 300 lbs,push the entire chair up to help seniors to stand up easily, it’s ideal for people who have leg/back problems or people who after surgery.
  • extending footrest and reclining feature allows you to fully stretch and relax ,ideal for watching television,sleeping and reading.

It’s a simple-looking recliner chair that gets the job done. In fact, it’s just as comfortable as your bed thanks to the strategically placed cushions that ensure that all your back muscles are supported and relaxed.

Despite its simple looks, the designers didn’t hold back in the fabric department. This chair is upholstered with soft and high-quality linen. In case you didn’t know, linen is among the top three fabrics that are durable and hard to stain.


  • The detachable head and armrest mats make cleaning easier.
  • Its cushion and pad distribution were well done.
  • It’s firm and sturdy.
  • Its linen fabric is something to look forward to.


  • To some, the seat cushion is too firm for their liking.

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Buying Guide

How will you know if an electric recliner is worth your time? After all, don’t they all promise comfort and convenience? Concerning that, we decided to prepare a buying guide to help as you go hunting for the best electric recliners for the elderly.

1. Ease of Cleaning

The recliner has to be covered by fabric that is hard to stain and easy to clean. The elderly don’t have the energy to clean their recliners every single day. It’s the reason why we keep on insisting on leather and microfiber recliners. With these materials, stains are easily cleaned using a wet piece of cloth.

2. Mobility and Mechanics

The recliner’s movements need to be smooth and noiseless. Nothing is as annoying as a squeaky recliner. Go for recliners that many other users rate to be silent and efficient. The power lift mechanism is also something you should have in mind when shopping for an electric recliner. How much can the recliner lift?

3. The Footrest Feature

The footrest needs to be well padded. Also, it should be independent of the recline feature. Some recliner footrests will only function if the chair is reclined. We’d advise you to go for recliners whose footrests are independent of the recline feature. This way, you can rest your feet even when you’re seated upright.

4. The Chair’s Size

You have to be careful with the recliner’s size and the height of the backrest. If you’re tall, don’t go for small recliners with short backrests. Also, take a look at the pad distribution before you purchase a recliner. The padding needs to be well distributed.

Things You Must Consider Before Buying Electric Recliner

Before making a purchase, there are several things that you need to consider. From the cost, quality to durability, among other things. With this guide, we shall look at some of the essential factors that will help you make sound purchase decisions, after all, we all appreciate a little bang for our back.

1. Establish If You Need a Recliner Chair

Aside from the usual comfort they offer, recliner chairs come in handy for individuals with mobility issues or joint or muscle problems. Once you establish why you need one, it will be easier for you to choose the right fit. For instance, do you need the one with a massage function or not?

2. Check the Weight Capacity Limit

When looking at a recliner’s specifications, it is essential to check the weight limit capacity. You certainly don’t want to buy a chair that will end up being uncomfortable to sit in. By checking the weight limit, you’ll be able to purchase one that is within your range.

3. Check the Upholstery Material

Is it non-slip, durable, or easy to clean? These are some of the things you need to check for you to ensure that you pick something that suits both your lifestyle and preferences.

4. Check the Frame of the Recliner

The frame material might vary depending on the design or brand you opt for. If you’re a heavy person, you certainly want to choose a recliner that is strong and sturdy.

5. Ensure the Recliner has Safety Features

Aside from comfort, safety is the other thing that’s of utmost importance. In case there’s no power how would you get off your recliner chair? Does it have any backup battery? These are some of the things you should be aware of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are recliners recommended for the elderly?

Yes, recliners are beneficial to the elderly unless stated otherwise by your doctor.

Is it okay to sleep on recliners?

Yes, unless your doctor advises you otherwise. In fact, for people with sleep apnea, the recliner might be more comfortable than their beds.

Are lift recliner chairs for the elderly covered by Medicare?

Yes, but its partial coverage, and only if it’s prescribed by your doctor.

What is the average price for electric recliner for the elderly?

Some are as low as $400, whereas the high-end ones hit the $1,000 mark.

Does sleeping on electric recliner cause blood clots?

It could, in some cases where you remain seated for long hours. Nevertheless, recliners should be harmless.