Dining chairs for hardwood

The Best Dining Chairs For Hardwood Floors

Dining chairs are not only made for dining, but they also complement the room’s decor. With the room’s overall wellbeing in mind, destructive dining chairs are the last things you’d want in your dining room.

Some of our Favorite Dining Chairs For Hardwood Floors

Below are some of the best looking and most comfortable dining chairs for hardwood floors.

Top Rated Dining Chairs For Hardwood Floors – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. The Roundhill Set of 2 Dining Chairs Nailhead Edition

Roundhill Furniture Biony Tan ( Trim, Set Of 2, Brown, Tan)
Product Highlights:
  • set of 2 enticing nailhead trim dining chair, tan-colored linen and cotton fabric upholstery on the seat and chair back.
  • sturdy hardwood frame with solid legs, dark espresso finish.
  • dimensions: assembled 18.25" x 24.75" x 38"h; seat 18.25"w x 18"d; seat height 19.25"h; back 16.25"w x 24.25"h

Simple, classy, and comfortable-Those are the three words that best describe these elegant dining chairs. Any objections?

What fabric do they use?

The chairs are upholstered with fine linen and cotton fabric. Both are well known for their premium feel. Also, their legs are perfect, thanks to the espresso finish.

The seat cushions are comfortable—Not too puffy and not too thin. When shopping for a dining chair, it’s always important to gauge the chairs’ comfort levels. On a comfortability scale of 1 to 10, we give these dining chairs a solid 8.

The nailhead design is also worth mentioning. It’s the key ingredient that gives the chairs their classy looks.

How strong are the chairs? Are they durable?

Their frame is solid hardwood, thus perfect for lightweight and medium-sized individuals. However, the chairs will not suit heavyweight people.


  • The linen and cotton fabric is cozy and easy-to-maintain.
  • The nailhead trim design is delightful.
  • We rate them 8 on our comfortability scale.


  • They are not the strongest and will most likely cave in with a lot of weight.

2. The Ashley Signature Furniture Set of 2 Leahlyn Dining Chairs

Ashley Furniture Signature Design ( Splat Back - Set Of 2 - Medium Brown)
Product Highlights:
  • set of two contemporary dining room chairs: the modern splat back, turned block feet and cushioned seat with neutral paisley upholstery make this dining chair a versatile addition to the dining room
  • clean curves: sleek dining room chair crafted from wood, manmade wood and veneers
  • comfortably neutral: warm brown wood finished frame and cushioned seat with neutral paisley upholstery

It’s been a while since we reviewed furniture from Ashley Furniture Signature Design.

Well, they’re back with these fine contemporary dining chairs.

100% Polyester is the fabric upholstering these dining chairs. We must say they look perfect.

As you know, Polyester is durable, smooth to the touch, attractive, and easy-to-clean.

The design on the backrests is also worth mentioning. Ashley furniture calls it the modern splat back. Not only do they look good, but they also give the backrests some clean curves that are comfortable to lean on.

The seat cushions are comfortable. Not too hard or too soft. We also give them a solid 8 on our comfort-scale.

How strong are the chairs?

Please note that chair frames are veneer engineered wood. They’re not as strong as pure hardwood or steel. Nonetheless, that’s not to say they’re weak and useless.


  • Their designs are splendid.
  • The seat cushions are comfortable.
  • The polyester fabric is convenient and easy to maintain.


  • The chairs are not for heavyweight individuals.
  • The seat cushions are screwed to the seat. Therefore, cover installation isn’t possible.

3. The Homepop Parsons Set of 2 Cream Dining Chair

HomePop Parsons Classic Upholstered ( Grey And Cream Geometric)
Product Highlights:
  • dining chairs: available in a number of classic fabrics our elegantly upholstered dining chairs are a statement that would perfect just about any dining room set of furniture
  • modern chair: our dining room decor are both stylish and durable for a lavish design that’s built to last | created with premium easy-to-care-for fabric woven in 100% cotton and combined with wood legs in a striking dark walnut finish
  • room furniture: our dining chairs set of 2 provide extra seating for either your dining set or in some cases living room furniture assemble | our comfortable chair with it's modern design works in most homes adding a decorative accent to any room for a luxurious statement

“Dine in style” are the words by Homepop Parsons.

Those words promise a lot. But do they deliver on their promises? Are these dining chairs worth your money? Let’s find out, shall we?

Their design is probably the first thing you’ll notice about these dining chairs. We have to admit that the design is neat. We love it!

Playful-That’s the best word to describe the art on these dining chairs. They have these small geometric figures that are appealing to the eye.

Nonetheless, their minimalistic approach is the best thing about these chairs. They’re simple yet functional.

Are they comfortable?

We’ll give them a 6 on our comfortability scale. You will not enjoy sitting on these chairs for extended periods. Anything more than an hour, and you’ll start feeling uncomfortable.

How strong are the chairs?

They’ll do the job, but don’t expect extraordinary strength from these chairs. Also, expect them to wobble when subjected to a lot of weight.

How is the fabric?

The fabric is a mixture of rayon and polyester. It’s smooth and easy-to-clean.


  • They have a sweet design.
  • They are affordable for decent quality.
  • The fabric is polyester and rayon. Therefore, easy to maintain.


  • Some customers have complained that some chairs are defective where one leg is longer than the other.

4. The Christopher Knight Home Set of 2 Beige Dining Chairs

Christopher Knight Home Phinnaeus ( Chair (Set Of 2), 2-Pcs Set)
Product Highlights:
  • this traditional dining chair is perfect for any dining room. featuring distressed wood with soft edges along the chair, it is sure to complement any classic decor. the extra plus seating also provides maximum comfort while dining, giving your dinner parties an instant win.
  • includes: (2) dining chairs
  • material: fabric (100% polyester), rubberwood; color: beige, natural finish. care & cleaning: spot or wipe clean

Yes, these are the type of dining chairs you expect to find castles. Just look at them. Dining chairs of royal standards!

Well then, let’s review these chairs and see if they’re as good as they look.

Looks matter, and that’s why we’ll start by reviewing their design.

The design theme is traditional—Nothing over the top. Simple, minimalistic, and classic. These traits enable these dining chairs to blend with almost all types of interior decor. In addition to that, the circular backrest is also eye-catching.

The seat and back cushions are comfortable enough. We give them an 8 on our comfort-scale. Moreover, the cushions are wrapped in 100% polyester that is nice to look at and easy to maintain.

The frame is pure rubberwood with a natural finish.


  • Their traditional design and build are splendid.
  • They are comfortable.
  • The polyester fabric upholstery is always a plus.


  • The natural rubberwood finish tugs clothes and might give you splinters.

5. The Christopher Knight Home 2 Set 300007 Walnut Dining Chairs

Christopher Knight Home Francie ( 2-Pcs Set, Light Grey / Walnut)
Product Highlights:
  • material: fabric
  • fabric composition: 100% polyester
  • frame material: rubberwood

That’s a brace from Christopher Knight! They are on a roll today.

These mid-century dining chairs are too good to pass up. Have you ever seen anything like them? Pure art and craftsmanship.

The backrests are obviously, our most favorite parts of the dining chairs.

Not only do they look cool, but they’re also curved to make your sitting experience more comfortable.

In addition to that, the seat cushions rank highly on our comfort-scale. They also get an 8-rating like the previous premium dining chairs.

The seat cushions are upholstered with 100% polyester fabric- By now, you should know the importance of having polyester on your home furniture.

How strong are these dining chairs?

They will easily support light and medium-sized people. However, heavyweight people will most likely break the chairs. The legs, although finished with Walnut, aren’t strong compared to hardwood or steel.


  • Life-changing designs.
  • They’re comfortable.
  • They’re upholstered with polyester.
  • They’re good value for money.


  • The assembling process is a lot of work. Some customers have complained that the chairs come with incomplete or incompatible parts.

Buying Guide

Below are some of the factors to consider when shopping for the best dining chairs for hardwood floors.

1. Size

The seat cushion needs to be just right for your sitting needs. It shouldn’t be too big or too small.

Also related to size is the height of the dining chair. It needs to be on the same level as your dining table.

2. The Base Area

By base area, we’re referring to the surface area at which the chair meets your hardwood floor. It’s best to go for dining chairs with large leg base surface areas. They’re less likely to damage your hardwood floor.

3. Material

Dining chairs with thin metal legs are more likely to damage your hardwood floor.

If protecting your floor is your main concern, we’d advise you to buy dining chairs with wooden legs.

4. Upholstery Fabric

Polyester is the best fabric for dining chairs. Why? Because it’s easy to clean and hard to stain, especially if you have kids who are likely to smudge the dining chairs with food.

5. Warranty and Return Policy

Buying furniture online comes with its fair share of risks and uncertainties. Always make sure the companies/brands you’re buying from are true to their warranty policies. Read through the customer reviews to find out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fabric for dining chairs?

100% Polyester. It looks good, is durable, and easy to maintain.

What are the best colors and designs for dining chairs?

Always make sure that the dining chairs match the table’s design or color. They should also complement the overall design of the room.

What are the most important parts of a dining chair?

The backrest and seating area. Always make sure the backrest is curved for comfort and the seating area is spacious and well-cushioned.

Should dining chairs have armrests?

Armrests are rare in dining chairs. However, you should consider them if you plan on using your dining chairs for more than just dining.

How can I prevent my dining chairs from damaging my hardwood floor?

Use protective rubber caps. Fit them under your chair’s legs to reduce the friction between them and the hardwood floor.