Pregnancy Friendly Chairs - Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy-Friendly Chair : Frequently Asked Questions

When you are pregnant, it becomes pertinent to sit nicely in a chair with your feet square on the floor. You don’t want to put stress into your body and prevent all the pregnancy hazards. For that reason, you opt for a pregnancy-friendly chair to keep you and your baby safe.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about pregnancy-friendly chairs that will assist you in comprehending which type of chair supports pregnancy and eases the aches.

1. What is the right way to sit when you are pregnant?

Sit at the end, release the position slightly, and slouch fully to support your back. Though most chairs don’t support this sitting position, especially if you are in office.

In case you are trying to get a chair for office, make sure it supports other pregnancy-friendly sitting positions like both feet should be placed on the floor or elevated on a stool.

2. What are the kneeling chairs?

In a kneeling chair, the thighs are dropped to an angle of about 70 degrees. The goal of this chair is to lower back pain and maintain a neutral, healthy spine position. The good thing about this chair is you have the option to adjust its height so that you can prevent spinal compression.

For that reason, it is recommended for pregnant ladies as it distributes their body weight evenly and their neck, shoulders, and back are aligned too. But, keep in mind, if you are extra tall, the kneeling position won’t be comfortable for you particularly for long periods. They can increase pressure under the knee caps and cause swelling.

3. Do I need to buy an ottoman with a chair?

If you are getting an ottoman with the chair, it is good.

Otherwise, you can get it on your own too. Since this thing is designed to get the most desired position. It provides relief to your legs and assists you in trying different sitting positions. So, we will recommend it and you will thank us later for that when you will see how it changes the way you sit and helps you reach the most desired position.

4. How many hours should you sit on a chair when you are pregnant?

We know most women buy pregnancy-friendly chairs because they love to sit too much while they are pregnant.

However, experts warn us about that. It doesn’t matter whether you have a standard chair or a pregnancy-friendly chair, there are some rules you need to follow.

First, don’t sit in the same position for more than 30-45 minutes. Unfortunately, normal chairs don’t allow you to change the sitting position. But if you have a chair with good padding and support, and it also allows you to change the position over and over, you don’t have to ponder this aspect.

The Warwick Medical School experts discovered that sitting more than six hours a day causes weight gain and diabetes in pregnancy. These issues can lead to birth complications. That’s why even if you have the chair you love, walk on a flat surface time and time again or do low-impact forms of exercises to stay healthy and fit.

5. What is a good size of a pregnancy chair?

It counts on your body size and shape.

You need to see which chair makes you feel the best and utterly at ease. Besides, you need to have space in your home or office as well.

6. What is the key difference between a normal chair and a pregnancy chair?

Normal chairs are fine to use but they cause all sorts of body pains when you are pregnant; they aren’t designed to support a pregnant body.

For instance, normal chairs have a lack of seat height adjustability, whereas pregnancy chairs often have this feature. They allow you to adjust the height so that you can place the feet flat on the floor. Other than that, the width of the backrest and cushioning in the seat material isn’t enough in a standard chair; it makes you uncomfortable.

But this isn’t the issue in a pregnancy chair. Their backrest is thick and provides comfort and proper support. The seat material is also designed to give a great feeling. It has padding and leather upholstery that is great for the weight distribution of a pregnant body.

7. Is it fine to sleep in a chair if you are pregnant?

It is not fine especially if it is a standard chair. They don’t support your spine and flood you with pains. You need to opt for a chair that is designed particularly for pregnancy.

In a pregnancy-friendly chair, you feel like millions of pillows have surrounded your body; it feels an appealing alternative. Even professional researchers confirm the role of a pregnancy-friendly chair for sleeping. According to them, sleeping in bed and especially on back compresses a blood vessel (IVC) and doesn’t let it return the blood to your heart.

Therefore, if you have a good, comfortable chair, sleeping in it is probably better.

8. Does bending in the chair affect?

If you are talking about bending in a pregnancy chair, it doesn’t affect. You bend a little to relax or relish a small nap.

But bending in a standard chair increases the chances of miscarriage, as there is not enough room to be comfortable and the seating material doesn’t support your body too.

9. Why should I buy a pregnancy-friendly chair?

You buy a pregnancy-friendly chair to take care of yourself and your baby.

There is no comparison between a standard chair and a pregnancy-friendly chair. A standard chair is like a stool; it is developed for sitting only. On the other hand, a pregnancy-friendly chair has a million benefits. It has a back sport and it supports your body posture. It also stimulates the blood circulation in the body which is required for pregnancy. It has been revealed that women who use a rocking or a pregnancy-friendly chair during their pregnancy period give birth of a healthy baby, as they relax, sleep well, and their nervous system is improved too.