Throw on a Sofa

How To Put A Throw On A Sofa

Draping throws on sofas has become a lifestyle for most people. Besides being used for warmth during winter, throws add that extra stylish look in your space. Most people are now learning ways on how to put a throw on a sofa.

5 Best Selling Throws for a Sofa

For interior design lovers, well-put throws are a reflection of their personality. They are picky when choosing the patterns, color material, or even the position of their throws on a sofa.

Putting Thrown On Sofa

However, throws generally add an extra touch of class in your living room and compliment your sofas. 

8 Ways to Put a Throw on a Sofa

Here are 8 ways you can choose to put a throw on a sofa to achieve that perfect look.

1. Casual Throw on a Sofa

This approach is suitable for people who would love their living room to look casual and relaxed. However easy it may seem to achieve this look could sometimes be challenging.

Casual Throw on a sofa

If you love that imperfect casual look for your space, consider these simple ways of putting your throw.

2. Casual Throw Put off a Sofa Centre

Casual Throw Put off a Sofa Centre

For a good look, you need a long throw blanket:

  1. Fold the blanket into a half vertically.
  2. Throw the blanket on the couch at an angle off the center. Allow the left side to hang behind the sofa while the right side falls on the floor.
  3. Make gathers on the throw to get that casual look.

3. Casual Throw Put Over Sofa Arm

Here is another casual yet classy look to put your throw blanket. 

Casual Throw Put Over Sofa Arm
  1. Fold the blanket into half.
  2. This time place the throw on the arm of your sofa and not the back.
  3. Tuck in the blanket between the seatback and the sofa arm.
  4. Spread the bottom over the sofa, so it appears like a fan.
  5. Gently form ripples on the blanket.

4. Formal Throw

People preferably have different opinions when it comes to styling their homes. If you are an orderly or formal look enthusiast, the orderly way of putting your throw is the best for you.

Note: To give your space a polished look, iron your blanket. Make sure first to read the manufacturer’s ironing instructions.

 5. Orderly Off The Center Throw

 Orderly off the Center Throw
  1. Fold your blanket into halves vertically.
  2. Place the blanket on the seatback slightly off its center. Half the blanket should lie on the cushion while the rest is on the seatback.
  3. Tuck the blanket where the two halves meet.
  4. You can add a cushion to polish your look.

6. Orderly Center Throw

The formal center throw is quite similar to the off-center one. Fold your throw into half.

Orderly Center Throw

Neatly place the blanket on the seatback, make sure you put the blanket in a central position.

Just as the off-center place throw, tuck in the blanket between your seatback and cushions.

7. Horizontally Placed Throw

This is another method of decorating your sofa with throw blankets. This method can be usee f you move your throw blanket regularly.

Fold your blanket into the desired size, depending on the blanket’s original size.

Horizontally Placed Throw

Place your blanket over the back seat. You can also put it across your cushions.

Tuck in the blanket between your cushion and the arm of your sofa.

8. Neat Foot Throw

A foot throw can be used for sofas with chaise lounges.

Neat Foot Throw

Fold the blanket, preferably quarterly, and then spread it across the foot your sofa.

Ensure the frayed edges of the blanket are at the bottom

This simple look boosts your room’s elegance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Throw Blanket

1. Material Of The Fabric

Base on the intended purpose of a throw blanket, you should choose one that suits your needs. Throws are used for decoration or warmth during cold seasons. You should select a multifunctional material, one that can serve whichever need.

There are a variety of materials for throw blankets. They range from fleece, the most popular one, cotton, woolen, and satin.

2. Patterns And Color

Throws are put on sofas to boost a room’s appearance. Choose colors and patterns that will bring out the stylish look you intend for your space.

3. Weaving

This describes the general look of fabric when sewn. Carefully consider that the weave of the blanket meets your intended purpose. 

A crotcheted blanket may be appealing, but it is not the best option if you want a warm throw blanket.

4. Size

A perfect throw blanket should fit the size of your sofa. Small throw blankets do not bring out the best look. Consider your sofa’s size when getting a throw blanket. 

5. Cleaning Method

The different types of material used for throw blankets and their washing methods are not similar. Throw blankets may need regular cleaning; therefore, choose a throw blanket that Is easy to clean.

Carefully read the manufacturers cleaning guidelines.

Putting Throw Pillows on a Sofa

They are small pillows put on a sofa for extra comfort and improve the appearance of a room. They come in many shapes, colors, and patterns. You can choose from a wide variety of throw pillows for your preferences.

Putting Throw Pillows on a Sofa

Throw pillows give a room an impeccable finish. For the best arrangement of throw pillows, an odd number yields the best results.

The rule of three is a design principle which states that organizing things in odd numbers is more appealing than even numbers.

1. Choosing the correct colors and patterns for your throw pillows.

Start with neutral color pillows and place them on your sofa. The throw pillow should be of colors you love and are comfortable with.

2. Arrange your throw pillows according to sizes.

 Large throw pillows should be around 22- 24 inches. Choose the best sizes that suit your sofa size.n Arrange the according to dimensions, the larger ones come first, followed by the mid-sized ones, then finally the small throw pillows

3. Complement with a throw blanket

To finish decorating your sofa, drape a throw blanket. It adds that classy, stylish look for your sofa.

Throw Pillow Tips

  1. Pillow sizes should get smaller as you move towards the inside of your sofa.
  2. The most oversized pillows should be at the farthest corner of the sofa.
  3. Arrange your throw pillows symmetrically for an orderly neat look of your living room.
  4. Do not use too many throw pillows.
  5. As much as we use throw pillows for decoration, their ideal purpose is for extra comfort on the sofas.
  6. If you have many throw pillows, take away one or two to ensure comfort.
  7. Play with shapes. Decorate your sofas with different throw pillow shapes and varying sizes.
  8. Change your throw pillows frequently. You do not want a dull space. Rearrange your throw pillows to get a new look. 
  9. Odd and even numbers of throw pillows. Odd numbers give your space a modern, stylish look while even numbers make your room more traditional.

Giving your living space an impeccable stylish look may seem tedious; however, its fun playing with the different colors and patterns you love. Throw blankets and throw pillows are great pieces for sofa styling.

Choose to throw blankets and pillows that best interest you and try out these styling ideas. You should not stick to one method. Play around with them and make your living room beautiful and classy. 

Reasons You Need a Throw Blanket

1. It is Convenient to Move Around

Throw blankets provide the comfort of a regular blanket but with more convenience because it is way smaller but not too small. It’s just the right size perfect for your comfort, so you can easily use it all around the house. Throw blankets are great for those times when you want to relax, unwind and simply want to be comfortable.

2. Great Interior Design Addition

A throw blanket isn’t just great for wrapping your body when cold. It also serves as an accent piece that is perfect for any interior design scheme. It has a different color style that you could take advantage of in any clever ideas. Not only you can use it on your sofa but also it serves as an additional accent piece on bedrooms. The advantage of a throw blanket is that it can be move easily from space to space so you could freshen the looks of any room without a lot of effort.

3. Protective Cover

You may not realize the importance of protecting items or furniture around your house until you own a pet or have kids. You will find out why you need to cover up your couches and chair. Pets naturally shed a lot of furs which mean it can accumulate stray hairs quickly and it is quite hard to control this type of debris. With the help of throw blankets, it is way easier to wash them often.

Similar to the little ones who often mess with your house. Stains, spills, food crumbs and etc will be normal in your household. With that in mind, you have to prevent this situation by simply covering up your couches or chairs with a throw blanket so you could just toss it on the washing machine and swap it with the clean one. With the help of these versatile blankets, your home will always be cozy, clean and comfortable.