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How To Get Up From A Chair During Pregnancy

Pregnant women often face many challenges during pregnancy. Doing simple tasks, like getting up from a chair or sitting, becomes difficult.

As the pregnancy progresses, you should learn the best way to handle these tasks. It is essential to maintain good posture during pregnancy. A bad posture could lead to straining, thus backaches.

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Get Up From A Chair During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings in much discomfort to your body. Do you have trouble while standing up? Do not be alarmed. Here are steps on how to get up from the chair during pregnancy.

STEP 1: Hold your head upright

Avoid tilting your head sideways while trying to get up from the chair. Holding our head straight makes it easier to get up from the chair.

STEP 2: Arch your upper chest and back

Keep your chest forward and ensure you pull your shoulders backward. Try moving your pelvis back and forth while rotating you around and then arch the back. While doing these, do not move your shoulders.

It is necessary to align your ear lobes in between your shoulders.

STEP 3: Keep your knees straight

Part your legs to avoid locking your knees. Parting legs increases your stability when standing up. Also, ensure that your knees are straight.

STEP 4: Lean forward and try to get up

While leaning towards the front, ensure your back is still arched and your chest forward. You could place your hand on your legs to help puss yourself off the chair.

STEP 5: Get up with your both feet

Make sure your feet point in the same direction. Balance your weight evenly on both feet.

Low heeled shoes prevent stressing your back.

Things to Avoid When Getting Up From a Chair During Pregnancy

  • Do not put your knees close together.
  • Putting your knees close or crossing them makes your weight imbalanced. It could lead to falling or excessive straining of the back muscles.
  • Do not tilt your pelvis either backward or forward while getting up.
  • It is advised not to tilt your head in any direction. It should be upright.

How to Sit on the Chair During Pregnancy

Learning the right sitting positions is as important as learning how to get up during pregnancy.

How to Sit on the Chair During Pregnancy

Sitting in the right posture reduces stress on the spine.

Here are some tips on the right way to sit on the chair during pregnancy.

  1. Your back should be straight, pull your shoulders backward and roll them down. Ensure your buttocks touch the end of the chair.
  2. Set your feet and hips at 90 degrees, ensure your feet are lying evenly on the floor. Put your legs apart so that the baby bump has a resting position.
  3. You can place a pillow behind your lower back to act as back support. However, this step is optional.
  4. A footstool gives you additional comfort whey sitting on the chair. It reduces strain on your lower back. If you do not have a footstool, consider sitting on a low chair that you can put your feet down with ease.
  5. If your work entails sitting for long hours, get up at intervals, and move around to avoid body fatigue.
  6. Balance balls are helpful during the third trimester of your pregnancy. It prepares the pelvis for labor and also positions our baby in the right way. Make sure you purchase a balance ball that suits your height.

Sitting Posture to Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Do not cross your legs since it may lead to swelling of our ankles. Crossing legs may also lead to varicose veins.
  • When turning, move the whole body. Twisting the waist alone may put pressure on our stomach. You should also avoid bending forward.
  • You should not sit in the same sitting position for long periods. Consider changing your sitting positions regularly after a short time; it reduces stressing your body.
  • Do not sit with our legs hanging; this could lead to swelling. Use a footstool if our legs cannot reach the floor.
  • During pregnancy, stools, or chairs that do not have a backrest are not for you. They cause strain on your back.
  • Avoid reclining on the chair no matter how comfortable it may seem.

Why is This Essential During Pregnancy?

Poor posture can cause health complications to both the mother and the baby. Maintaining the right sitting and standing posture helps align your baby at a proper birth position.

Body aches such as neckache and backaches are a result of poor posture. Good sitting and getting up habits ease the tension on your back or neck.

One may still experience some complications, even after delivering. It is important body during pregnancy.

Choosing The Best Chair During Pregnancy

You are supposed to spend most of your day while working. For pregnant ladies, getting a comfortable chair to work with is, therefore, very essential. These are the features you should consider when deciding the best chair for you and our baby.

1. Adjustable chairs

During pregnancy, you may need to change your comfort positions frequently. It is, therefore, necessary to consider adjustable chairs. You can customize the seat depending on your comfort needs.

2. Quality fabric

Well, whether you are only going to need the seat only during pregnancy or at all times. You will need a chair that has high-quality material. Good quality material ensures that your chair is very durable and can serve you for a longer time.

3. Well-cushioned

Make sure the chair is well padded at all the necessary parts. Good padding and extra comfort.

4. Strong backrest

When pregnant, you tend to gain much weight. Chairs with superior back support are, therefore, essential. They help reduce lower back pains.

5. Proper neck support

During pregnancy, you are likely to experience neck pains and headaches. They are as a result of changes occurring in your body. A chair that supports our neck and head properly is of great importance.

Why Invest in Chairs During Pregnancy?

Purchasing a pregnancy chair may seem luxurious and expensive. However, you need proper rest and enough comfort, and so does your baby. Invest in a chair that will give you adequate comfort. It is worth investing in your comfort.

Invest in Chairs During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you are likely to experience frequent body aches. Investing in a comfortable chair helps ease such pains in the body.

For working pregnant ladies, pregnancy chairs can help you work more comfortably. Ordinary chairs may be uncomfortable while going around with your day to day activities. Thus you are more productive at your workplace.

Pregnancy chairs are a go-to for any pregnant lady. They make our pregnancy journey easier with enough comfort.

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Dos and Don’ts During Pregnancy

There are lots of things you should do and do not do when pregnant. Always listen to your body and consult your OBGYN to make sure everything is going well. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy.


  • Sleeping on your side with a pillow between the legs.
  • Squat or bend your knees when picking up things on the floor or in low places.
  • Use step stool when reaching high shelves.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water.
  • Sit or stand with your shoulders and back relaxed.
  • When sitting, you should keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Make sure that your center of gravity and balance changes.
  • Place one foot on a low step stool when you think you are going to stand for a long period of time.
  • Adjusting your car seat and steering wheel so it can accommodate your changing shape.
  • Limit caffeine intake
  • Use a chair that supports your back.


  • Eat raw food.
  • Drink alcohol
  • Smoke and avoid cigarette smoke.
  • Hunch over your desk.
  • Sit for a long period of time. You should take a stretch break when you are already sitting for 30 minutes.
  • Strain to have a bowel movement
  • Sitting with knees crossed.
  • Making yourself too tired.


Transitioning to motherhood is an excellent experience for every pregnant woman. It comes about with so many body changes, from a swollen bell to different hormonal changes. The pregnancy journey is, however, not similar to every individual. Our bodies tend to react differently.

However, for every pregnant individual, Simple tasks become uncomfortable and cumbersome. Besides learning the right posture during pregnancy,  an expectant mother should choose a chair that they feel more comfortable.

Maintain the right posture, do exercises, and, most importantly, follow the right steps when getting up and standing from a chair. Your pregnancy journey will be the best experience.