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How To Decorate A Console Table Behind A Sofa

A console table is quite a versatile piece of furniture that you can use to spruce up your interior design. There are several places where you can place your console table. Whether it’s against the wall, in the hallway, bedroom, or even behind the sofa. In this article, we will give you some easy-to-follow and practical tips on how to decorate a console table, specifically when it is behind a sofa, to get the feel and the look you want.

Our Favorite Console Tables That Go Well Behind A Sofa

How to Style a Console Table Behind a Sofa or a Couch

When placed behind the sofa, it is also known as a sofa table. How you design and accessorize your console or sofa table determines how appealing your space will look.

Console Table

The theme of your space’s interior and your taste and preferences are some fo the things you need to consider when thinking of the best way to design your console table. You not only need to turn it into something beautiful, but also a functional piece. 

The console table can be behind the sofa separating the space or two sections of the room, especially if it’s an open-plan design. If this is the case, you should ensure it in a way that you can see over the other side. 

It can also be placed behind your sofa to separate it from the wall. You should ensure that your console table isn’t taller than your sofa, but if it happens to be, you can always make your space fun by adding some stools and using it as a bar or for some extra seating space. Highlighted below are several ways to decorate your console table behind a sofa.

Choosing The Right Accessories 

There are several things that you can use to decorate your console table. Depending on your interior decor’s theme, it’s essential to choose the right accessories for your console table so that it doesn’t feel out of place. Be sure to keep it modest. Some of the accessories you can choose include the following:

1. Candles or Diffusers

SXCHEN Candle Holder Oil Burner

Using candles or diffusers as decor for your behind sofa console table will be a great way also to get your home smelling good, especially if the candle is scented. You should also be careful with the candles, especially if you have small children or pets. Also, do not overwhelm your space by choosing different scented candles. 

2. Indoor Plants

Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor Plant

With plants, you can either opt for natural plants or faux ones for decorative purposes. Succulents are usually a great option when it comes to choosing a suitable indoor plant. Generally, choosing natural plants will be beneficial because they’re also known for improving the room’s overall mood aside from improving air quality. 

3. Books or Magazines

VOSTOR Files Folder Stand

Your console table can function as a bookshelf of some sort where you use a stack of books or magazines to decorate it. You can place your stack of books in the middle and some candles, house plants, or even some small sculptures on both sides. Remember to space them well.

4. Decorative Pieces

2 Pieces Rustic Wooden Heart-Shaped Decoration

This can range from sizeable sculptures, antique decor, accents, figurines, and vases, among other things. How well you place your decorative pieces will determine how appealing your space will look. For instance, you can place your sculpture in the console table’s middle and place a small tray and a decorative plant on the sides. You can also place candles, vases, or perhaps that special heirloom that suits your space perfectly. Be careful not to overdo it.

5. Basket or Tray

Woven Round Seagrass Basket Tray Set for Home

If your console table has adequate space, you can place one or two baskets under the console or on the lower shelf, depending on its design. The baskets can be handy for placing any extra throws pillows and blankets or toys. Thus keeping your place tidy. 

You can either place a vase, candle, a small plant, or figurine for the tray, or you can use it for placing your remote controls or keys.

6. Lamp

BOBOMOMO Rustic Retro Table Lamp

With a lamp, you will be able to create a cozy and warm environment. Whenever you’re choosing bulb colors for your lamp, you should opt for yellow or orange tones since they exhibit a more pleasant and warm atmosphere. You can either place a single lamp at the center of the console table or place two on each side. If you want to have any additional pieces, be sure to go for what suits your space. You can either choose a tray, a plant or perhaps other decorative pieces depending on your preference.

These are just a few of the things you can decorate your console table behind the sofa with but it all depends on your style, interior design theme, taste, and preferences, among other things. 

Important Design Concepts To Put Into Consideration

When it comes to interior design, it is always important to get the right proportions regardless of the concept you decide to opt for. This way, you’d know how to best decorate your console table without making it look out of scale. Everything needs to be thought out to detail, from choosing a suitable console table design to choosing the right accessories. 

Below are some of the important design principles that you need to consider when choosing the right decoration for your console table behind the sofa.

1. Consider The Height Of Your Ceilings

Your ceilings’ height will help you decide on how to place items on the console table proportionately. If your ceilings are high, then tall objects that will add more height like plants, lamps, or even vases will be a great fit for decorating the console table. If the ceilings are shorter, then shorter items would be suitable.

Consider The Height Of Your Ceilings

2. Choosing The Right Balance

Whether it’s symmetrical, asymmetrical, or even radial, it is essential to choose a suitable balance for your design. The two common options are usually symmetrical or asymmetrical. With the latter, you’ll get an aesthetically appealing space that looks less formal. 

You can have either a tall candle on one side and a tall candle on the other side. Be sure to space your items; don’t place them close to each other.

3. Choose A Large Item If Your Console

Placing an object that is large and likely to spark conversation when you have guests is a great idea, especially if your console table is the focal point of your living room. 

Something like an outstanding antique item or collectible can make do. Whatever you choose to place, there should be an item that perfectly complements the rest of your interior decor.

4. Ensure That Your Colors Are Well-blended

Whatever color you decide to integrate into your space, it should be compatible with your interior decor’s color theme. Instead of using a dull-colored item and a bright-colored one to decorate your console table, you can use similar colored objects placed symmetrically. 

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Choosing brightly colored objects will be a great way to attract more attention to your console table. It’s also a great way to make your space stand out.

Ways to Use A Console Table

The tiny measure of console tables makes them simple to organize into your home. If you are imaginative, you will discover a console table suit can be used in more spaces than you will ever imagine. Here are some ways to use a console table in your home:

1. Hallway

The hallway is one of the spaces that are often ignored especially when it comes to home decorations and furnishings. With that in mind, you can place a console table in the hallways and add some decorative pieces that suit your style.

2. Door Entrance

Placing a console table in your house entryway will give a good impression on your guest and provides a stylish space to store and organize small necessities like car keys and other necessities.

3. Behind the Sofa

Console tables are known to be placed behind the sofa because it creates an anchor and extra surface area on your open living room for displaying decorations, lightning, plants and also an additional space for storage.

4. TV Stand

One of the best ways to add decorations below your wall mounted TV is to add a console table. This way, it will add an additional style and add appeal on your living room without taking too much space.

5. Vanity

Using a console table as vanities are one of our favorite option. It gives a wide space for organizing sanities and plenty of drawer space that makes your bathroom look clean and organize

6. Sideboard

Who would have thought that you can use a console table in place of a sideboard? By doing this, you store and organize your dishware and lines without taking too much space in your living room surface area.

7. Home Bar

Console tables are also great for displaying liquors or storing bar equipment. With lots of different styles in the market, you can simply find a style that matches your decorations and furniture in your home bar.


How you choose to decorate your console table will determine how aesthetically appealing your space will be. Co-ordinating various elements and knowing how to apply the right concepts to your interior design is key in achieving the type of space you want.

Not forgetting your interests, style, taste, and preferences, among other things. Whether you want your space to appear casual or formal, decorating your console table will make your space intriguing and enhance the visual interest.