Gaming Chair and XBOX 360

How To Connect A Gaming Chair To Xbox 360

A gaming chair is an excellent complement to your Xbox360 gaming life. Gaming chairs provide extra comfort while playing, and thus they are vital for any gamer. Investing in the best quality gaming chair to up your gaming is essential. You will be spending much time stuck in your gaming console. But before that, you must know how to connect a gaming chair to Xbox 360.

5 Best-Selling Gaming Chair

If you have set up things before, connecting a gaming chair is practically not hard. However, if you have never tried before, it could be a little complicated. Either way connecting a gaming chair is an easy and short process

a Gaming Chair

Here are different methods to connect a gaming chair to Xbox 360.

Method 1: Connecting Xbox 360 To A Wireless Gaming Chair 

Wireless gaming chairs have wireless transmitters. These transmitters convert audio signals to the inbuilt speakers in the chair. 

With a wireless gaming chair, you will cut down the need to use wires. 

Below are the steps to connect your Xbox 360 wirelessly.

Step 1: Connect The Xbox 360 To The Tv

An HDMI cable comes with your Xbox 360. Plug one side of the HDMI cable to the Xbox 360 and the other end to the TV.

Connect the console’s power cable and power it up.

Step 2: Connect The Wireless Transmitter

Connect The Wireless Transmitter
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The wireless gaming chair comes with an audio cable with green ends. Using the audio cable, connect the TV and the transmitter. 

The male end should be at the transmitters jack while the other end is in the TV’s audio output. 

Install batteries into the transmitter.

Step 3: Turn On The Gaming Chair

Press the power button on the chair and the transmitter to power them up.  Match the band frequency in the TV and the chair. 

When the whole procedure is done, the transmitter will convey signals to the speakers.

You can now begin gaming. 

Method 2:  Connecting A Gaming Chair To  Xbox 360 Using HDMI

Using an HDMI converter is another way to connect our gaming chair to Xbox 360 console. This is another simple step to set up your gaming chair.

You will need 2 HDMI cables and an HDMI audio converter.

Step 1: Connect The First HDMI Cable

Connect The First HDMI Cable

Using one HDMI cable, plug in one end to the TV’s HDMI port and the other end to the HDMI converter.

Step 2: Plug In The Second HDMI Cable

Plug one end of the HDMI cable to the Xbox 360 HDMI port and then plug the other end into the converter’s HMI  adapter port.

Step 3: Connect Your Gaming Chair To The Converter

There are red and white audio cables that come with your gaming chair. Connect the cables to the red and white ports of the HDMI converter. 

Make sure your power up your gaming chair. All is ready, and the sound is now transmitted to your chair. 

Method 3: Connect To Xbox 360 With An Aux Cord

Connect To Xbox 360 With An Aux Cord

Here is another easy procedure to follow to set up your gaming chair. It is the most straightforward and less complicated method. 

Step 1: Connect Your Xbox 360 Console To The TV

Just as in the first method, use the HDMI cable that comes with the console. Connect one end of the cable to the TV, and then connect the other end to the gaming console.

Step 2: Connect The Controller ToThe Gaming Chair

Plug one side of the aux cable into the Aux input on the gaming chair’s control panel. Then plug the other end into your controller. 

Power your gaming chair, and you ready to get started. Easy, right?

Method 4: Using RAC Audio Cables To ConnectXbox 360 To A Gaming Chair

A short 3.55 mm RAC audio cable

You will need :

A short 3.55 mm RAC audio cable

A long 3.5mm RAC audio cable

2 B3 barrel adapters

Once you have all the requirements, follow these steps to connect your gaming chair to Xbox 360.

Step 1: Set Up Your TV And The Gaming Console

Follow the steps in method 1 to connect your gaming console and the TV.

Step 2:  Connect The RAC Cables And Barrel Adapters

Connecting the barrel adapters to the cables is easy. They both have red and white color codes.

Plug the barrels red end into the red end of the RAC cable. The same case applies to white. (white to white)

Step 3: Using The Cables, Connect The TV To The Chair

Using The Cables, Connect The TV To The Chair

This is the last step to configure your gaming chair and the Xbox 360 gaming console.

Connect the green cable to the TV audio output and then the other end to the gaming chair’s audio input jacks.

Having done everything, you can now start gaming.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Gaming chairs are not overrated. They are a must-have for any passionate gamer. They play different roles in ensuring you have the best experience while playing games. 

A Good Posture
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Here is what you are missing without a gaming chair.

1. Ideal Comfort

A gaming chair with enough padding on the armrests, backrest, and right cushioning gives you the ideal comfort. It makes gaming fun.

With a gaming chair, you prevent neck strains, backaches, and unnecessary discomfort while playing. 

2. A Good Posture

You are likely to spend much time while playing with your gaming console. A good posture is essential for your health fitness. A gaming chair provides the best comfort for your back and the entire body.

3. Gaming Skills Boost

With a gaming chair, you can improve your gameplay tactics. This is because it gives you excellent comfort and aligns your body correctly while playing. It motivates you to keep playing.

4  Improve Concentration

If you are looking forward to concentrating while playing, you need a perfect gaming chair. The ergonometric features ensure that you have smooth game time.

5. Maximum Flexibility

You get to enjoy the fantastic features such as adjustable recliners, rocking, and swiveling. Gaming chairs enable you to choose which position best suits you while playing. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Chair

You do not want to <a href=buy a chair that you will never get to use.” class=”wp-image-614″/>
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 1. Compatibility

While most gaming chairs are compatible with almost all gaming consoles, some have limited functionality. It is essential to ensure that the gaming chair you intend to buy is compatible with your gaming consoles.

2. Size

Consider your space and the size of the gaming chairs. You do not want to buy a chair that you will never get to use.

3. Quality material

Gaming chairs are available in mostly leather and fabric materials. These materials have different limitations. Choosing the best material will entirely depend on your preference as an individual.

Choose a material that will serve you in the long run.

4. Cost

Of course, you will have to purchase a gaming chair that is within your budget. The cost depends on additional features on a specific chair. Choose the features that suit you and are affordable or you willing to put extra money on. Some features are worth investing in since they boost your gaming experience.

5. Flexibility

A good gaming chair should be adjustable, depending on your comfort needs. Your sitting preferences may change with time, and that’s why you need a chair to adjust to your desired needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect to Xbox 360 using Bluetooth?

No. Xbox 360 doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity and that makes it difficult to connect on any Bluetooth technology.

How to connect Bluetooth headphone to Xbox 360?

If you would like to connect your Bluetooth headphone with the console, you must have a Bluetooth receiver. Using this device will make you connect your headphone to the Xbox box wirelessly.

Is connecting a gaming chair with Xbox 360 difficult?

No, it’s not. It will only require you a few simple steps depending on what type of method you choose to connect it. Either it’s AUZ cable, HDMI and etc.

Is Xbox 360 expensive?

The price range for the Xbox 360 are depending on the brand you choose to go for. A good Xbox 360 will cost you around $50 to $120 depending upon the model, features, and specification.


To have a good gaming experience, you need a gaming chair that suits you perfectly. The above methods will ensure connecting your gaming chair to your Xbox 360 gaming console is easy. Gaming chairs make gaming more comfortable, enjoyable, and fun.