sofa buying guide

How To Buy A Sofa : Frequently Asked Questions

We all know, buying a sofa is tricky. It is tough to decide which model will fit or suit the décor of our living rooms. We constantly deal with lots of questions that baffle us and often push us into disillusionment. If you are planning to buy a sofa and looking for some words of wisdom, read the commonly asked questions below. They will assist you in comprehending the specifics and help you in making the right decision before you pull out your credit card.

1. How to choose a sturdy frame?

Choosing a sofa with a sturdy frame is one of the important things. If you want to keep your investment safe in the long run, opt for a sofa that has oak, beech, or ash wood frame. These wood types are necessary for hardwood construction and they have some other benefits too.

For example,

  • Oak Wood: The oak wood is less likely to warm when exposed to sunlight.
  • Beech Wood: It is strong with a close straight grain.
  • Ash Wood: It has high elasticity and it has great properties of resistance too.

Some people opt for metal frame construction too.

It is good, however, it has some drawbacks. For instance, first, the furniture can break the floor or damage its quality if you are planning to move it over and over. Second, steel can be incredibly heavy. If it faces heavy use, it can either bend or show its edges.

2. Which filling is the best?

This is one of the most important questions and, unfortunately, most people don’t ponder it and keep on thinking about the frame of a sofa.

The thing they don’t realize is if the filling isn’t good, the sofa will be good for nothing.

We have many types of fillings these days; the most luxurious option you have is 100% down-filled cushion. In the case of plumping, the ratio is 60/40 and a tad in favor of feather also, it is still good. Also, don’t forget to check the support beneath the cushions.

The support beneath the cushions plays an important role as the filling. Without good support, the filling won’t feel great.

It is up to you to decide which filling suits you the most. 

Both hand-tied springs and sinuous springs are great.

3. What is the joinery system on the sofa?

The joinery system of the sofa decides the sturdiness and durability. It is one of those important details that reveal how the professional work on it. Sadly, it is often not described in the description and it is hard to notice it too as it is covered.

However, there are some phrases that can show you which joinery system the company has used. 

The quality joinery systems are corner blocks, wooden dowels, metal screws with brackets, and etc. The joinery system you need to avoid is nails, staples, and glue. They are long-lasting and they can’t survive the heavy use as well.

4. Is there any common drawback on the sofa?

Yes, there is and it is mostly in the armrests.

The armrests of a sofa are often the weakest link in the structure. The methods by which the frame parts are held together, they are often not involved in them. Professional manufacturers use metal screws or brackets to hold them.

For that reason, it is your duty to find out how the armrest is assembled.

Make sure they are firm and you can lean on them without any crackle. Especially, if you have active children in the family, it will become pertinent for you to have firm armrests, as children mostly push hard on the arms. If you see any wobble while testing, it is better to avoid them.

5. How to decide what you are looking for?

This is a tough question.

Many people are clear about what their budget is but they don’t have a tad idea regarding what they are looking for exactly. If you are in this situation too, ponder a few questions.

  • Are we going to use it for taking naps?
  • What style sofa will suit the most?
  • How many people do you want to seat on it?
  • Do I have kids and pets?
  • What type of material do I want on the sofa?

Thinking about these five questions only can help you decide what you are looking for. It will be easier for you to choose the best option.

6. What I need to know beforehand if I’m buying it online?

Buying a sofa online is not easy.

Lots of factors play an important role and challenge your buying decision. For instance, you can’t check the fabric sample with your hands. It is impossible and the unfortunate thing is a fabric often looks totally different in person than it does online.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do before buying your favorite sofa online.

Check the reviews from the verified purchasers. They are immensely helpful in comprehending other buyers’ thoughts regarding the quality and realistic look of that sofa.

Other than that, the company has reliable customer support. In case you face some drawbacks in the model, you can contact them straightaway. In addition, a good customer support team not only assist in resolving the potential issue but they can also hand you casual photos of the sofa, particularly if it is expensive.

7. What is Gold UFAC tag?

Some sofas come with Gold UFAC Tag.

This tag is provided by professional and renowned furniture companies. The Upholstered Furniture Action Council (UFAC) tag indicates that the furniture, or the sofa, is resistant to smoldering cigarettes. In other words, your sofa is fire-resistant and also meets the government regulation of construction standards.

Due to this tag, the upholstery fire statistics have dropped significantly. It is a great sign that shows you, your family, and your home are protected.

Though, bear in mind, it doesn’t mean the sofa is 100% fireproof. You still have to be careful when smoking. If you don’t see the Gold UFAC Tag in the description of the sofa, don’t forget to contact the customers’ support online and inquire about it. They know all the quality, official tags that are associated with their furniture.