Coffee Table & Sofa

How Far Should The Coffee Table Be From The Sofa?

When it comes to sofa and coffee table placement, the distance between the two should be between 14-18 inches.

Whenever you’re planning the interior design of your space, the furniture layout is one crucial aspect that you should have in mind. You don’t want to have a cramped space simply because you disregarded the importance of having adequate space between your furniture.

5 Top Rated Coffee Tables That Go Well with Sofa

When arranging your coffee table, you should ensure that you’re left with adequate legroom and enough space for you to reach anything on the table. Whether it’s your coffee or perhaps the remote, the space left should be sufficient enough.

How Far Should The Coffee Table Be From The Sofa?

You do not want to hit your leg on the furniture when moving around, so it’s advisable to leave enough space when placing your furniture. The coffee table should be at least half the size of your sofa’s length. This will allow you to make the most of the available space.

What Are Some Of The Determinants Of The Spacing Between Your Sofa And The Coffee Table?

Choosing the right furniture might be tricky, but this can be made easier once you put some of the fundamental factors into consideration. Some of these determinants include the following:

  • The size of the room. How big is your living room? If it is big enough, you can leave up to 20 inches. Also, if the room is small, you can leave at least 14 inches of space. You should ensure that you do not congest your space in the process.
  • The size of your coffee table. Depending on the amount of space you have, you should choose a coffee table of the right size. 
  • Comfort and convenience. You should be able to get a comfortable living space with the placement of your furniture. Anything on the coffee table should be within arms reach, be it books, drinks, e.t.c. You shouldn’t have to stand or strain to get anything on the table.
  • The need for adequate legroom. The spacing you choose between your coffee table and your sofa should allow for adequate legroom. After all, your feet having a head-on with your furniture isn’t the best feeling.

Choosing The Ideal Coffee Table

Whether you want a coffee table for aesthetics or functionality, you’ll need to choose the right fit. With the many designs and options available, there are high chances you’re spoilt for choice. Do you want a wooden table or one with a glass top? How big do you like it? Should it be rectangular, circular, square, or oval? These are just some of the questions you ask yourself when choosing the right coffee table design

Choosing the ideal coffee table

Some of the crucial factors you can put into consideration when choosing a suitable coffee table design include the following:

1. Your Budget

One thing for sure, you can’t just go to a furniture store and want to purchase something that is not within your financial reach. Being keen on having a budget will enable you to choose a coffee table that you can easily afford. 

Luckily for you, you can always get a wide range of designs with different pricing. This means you won’t lack something that will suit your space without you necessarily breaking the bank.

2. The Right Size

Depending on the size of your room, you should choose a coffee table with the right size. As mentioned earlier, you should have a distance of between 14-18 inches between your coffee table and sofa. 

Not to mention that you should also put into consideration the distance between your coffee table and your focal point i.e the tv or fireplace. It will also determine the type of rug you choose for your space.

For the right size, you should ensure that your coffee table is the same height as your sofa with an allowance of at least 4 inches more or less. Also, depending on the type of sofa you have, the coffee table should be at least a half or two thirds the length of your couch.

3. The Shape of your Coffee Table

The size of your room and the amount of space available are some of the things that determine the right shape for your coffee table. If the area is small, then a small round or oval table will be fit. 

If you have a larger room or a sectional sofa with chaise, then a rectangle or oval coffee table would be great. This way, anything on the table will be within reach without any struggle. 

For a home with children, you’d want to avoid the rectangle or square coffee tables. You can opt for coffee tables that have no sharp edges, like the circular or oval ones to minimize chances of the children getting injured. 

4. The Right Material

There are several types of materials and designs to choose from. Whether your home has a traditional, modern, transitional, or even Mediterranean interior you need to choose the right material for your coffee table.

If you have small children, it’s advisable to avoid glass tables. The tragedy can be unfathomable if the children/child breaks it while playing. 

Although wood is a more common option for many homeowners, you can always opt for other materials like marble, travertine, brass, glass, or lucite among others. This can be determinant of either the type of flooring you have or the other furniture in your space. They should complement each other.

5. Functionality

How you intend to use your coffee table determines the design that you’ll settle for. If you want one that doubles up as storage you can choose a coffee table that has additional storage shelves or drawers. You could also opt for ottomans or trunks for that additional storage space.

If you’re looking to have a flexible piece, there are coffee tables that have wheels so you can roll them away for more space. You can also opt for those that can be adjusted to different heights when you need to use them.

Alternative Options For Coffee Tables

As much as there are several designs to choose from when selecting the right option, you don’t have to settle for the traditional coffee table design. There are several alternatives you can opt for; 

Coffee table with Ottoman
  • Ottomans – these are perfect if you need a footrest and also additional storage. They also come in different designs, materials, and sizes.
  • Free-form coffee tables – they do not take any specific shape and can range from well-furnished tree trunks to loosely shaped rectangular or square designs available in different materials.
  • Nesting coffee tables – one way to spruce up your interior involves incorporating tables of varying sizes and shapes. This way you’ll be able to add more dimensions to your space from the coffee table cluster.  
  • Using side tables – to achieve a casual coffee table design, you can place two or three side tables of varying heights close to each other.

Types of Coffee Tables

1. Wood

Wood construction is the common material used in any variety of tables because it is warm, timeless, modern, and versatile that can be formed in any shape, style, and size.

2. Metal

Metal tables are the second most common material you will see in the market. These are sturdy, sometimes lighter than wood tables and they can be crafted into different surprising shapes.

3. Pallet

For the more casual and inexpensive coffee tables, you can consider using pallets for your coffee tables. The good thing about this is you can make it by yourself or you can buy one on Etsy. Also, there are a lot of DIY Pallet coffee tables on the internet so making your own will not be difficult for you.

4. Rattan

We can often see rattan tables or rattan furniture on patios. However, these modern material allows for more luxurious that makes it perfect to place inside your home.

5. Glass

Glass tables are commonly used for modern houses. The striking and versatile design of it makes it popular in modern manufacturing. Glass tables are commonly connected with metal joints or support structures and some are 100% glass construction.

6. Acrylic

Acrylic tables look like glass to our naked eyes and the most common examples when it comes to modern design. With its versatility and transparent look, it is no wonder why it becomes popular nowadays especially when it comes to being minimalist.


Choosing the right coffee table might seem like an easy decision at first but once you start reviewing the many options at your disposal, you realize there are several crucial factors you need to put into consideration. With this simple guide, the next time you’re either shopping online or in a furniture store, you’ll be able to make such decisions effortlessly. You could also hire a professional to help you out with everything.