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How Does A Riser Recliner Chair Work?

Rising from a chair may be troubling at times. Riser recliners come with a mechanism that makes getting up, sitting, or changing sitting positions easier. Riser recliners are not only perfect for enhancing one’s lifestyle but also well being. They alleviate health problems such as stiff joints, backaches, arthritis, heart and lung diseases. 

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A riser recliner is a perfect solution for anyone having trouble getting up from an ordinary chair. So how does a riser recliner work? Read on for a guide on how to operate a riser recliner chair.

Movement Options In A Riser Recliner

Most riser recliner chairs follow a similar cycle movement. When getting a riser recliner, it is essential to ensure that it allows for different actions, from standing to sitting and a full recline. It has an inbuilt motor to allow rising and reclining and works off the power supply. It is operated using a handheld control that is connected to the recliner. The motor adjusts the chair gently to the required position.  

Here are options to consider for riser recliners. 

1. Single Motor Recliners

These reclining chairs have a single motor that provides a combined rise and recline action. On recline, the footrest rises at an angle of 45 degrees to support your legs. 

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2. Dual Motor Recliners

Unlike the single motor recliners, these chairs allow you to operate the footrest and backrest independently.  For instance, you can choose to adjust the backrest alone and not elevate your legs. Another essential feature is that the chair can recline like a bed.

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3. Tilt In Space Movement 

This movement option allows reclining without leaving a gap between the backrest and the chair. The chair enables you to elevate your legs above the hips to allow for blood circulation. It supports the pelvis and the back, thus suitable for people with back problems.

4. Wall Hugging Riser Recliner

This recliner is the best option for people with less space. The chair moves forward as it reclines and does not need much space in front. You can position the riser recliner 10cm away from the wall.

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Positions Of A Riser Recliner Chair

1. Rising 

A riser recliner lifts you without having to strain your arms, hips, or legs. It is essential for the elderly or people with limited mobility or a disability. It is also great for extra comfort.

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2. Sitting

With enough cushioning and perfect ergonometric to ensure extreme comfort, you can seat for long periods.

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3. Feet up

At the touch of a button, it takes the weight of your feet. It offers maximum support for your legs. You do not have to put pressure on the legs.

4. Reclining

This position is best when you need a rest. The recliner lifts ou smoothly with n strain or effort.

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The comfort position allows one to alleviate any body ache and ensure maximum relaxation o the body.

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How to Sit In A Riser Recliner Chair

Riser recliners are convenient, depending on varying user needs. They have features that are adjustable to cater to specific user requirements. Follow these steps o how to sit on a riser recliner.

Riser recliners are convenient,
  • Stand in front of the chair with your legs touching the edges of the recliner. Lean and lower yourself steadily towards the chair.
  • The chair will start moving steadily. If you are a first time user, it may be a little uncomfortable but just ensure your weight is evenly distributed.
  • You are now seated in a normal position. Using the levers or controls on the chair, adjust the recliner to your comfort position. The controls help in alleviating back problems and any other body aches.
  • For maximum relaxation, put your arms on the armrests. They offer support while sitting or standing and also provides a nice resting spot for your limb.

How to Stand from a Riser Recliner

Unlike regular chairs, when standing from a riser recliner, you don’t just spring up. Unless you want to be thrown across the room, here is how you stand up from a riser recliner chair. 

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  • Using the controls, lift your chair back to the normal sitting position. Make sure your legs are firmly touching the ground.
  • Once your legs are secure on the ground, using the controls makes the seat rise further. During this process, ensure that you place arms on the armrests. Making sure your weight is evenly distributed o the limbs.
  • Now you are halfway standing with your weight being supported by the chair.  StraightenStraiten your legs and poise your arms. Use the motion of the riser recliner to stand on your feet. Once you are standing comfortably and have enough balance, let go of the armrests. You can now carry on with your activities.

Safety Tips For A Riser Recliner

When using a riser recliner, always ensure enough space behind the cair to allow for enough reclining. Remove all abstractions close to the chair. Also, do not place your chair too close to the wall; it could damage the chair.

Keep all sorts of liquids away from the electric parts of the riser recliner. All spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid damages. Ensure the remote control stays free from liquids.

Uncoil the wire so that the transformer is about 12 inches away from the chair. Al wires should be free and not trapped in any way.

Move the chair only when in an upright position.

When not in use, return the recliner to the seated position and unplug from the power supply.

Children should not be allowed to use a self recliner without guidance from an adult.

Do not climb on the self recliner if it’s left in a reclined position. You could fall and get serious injuries.

Additional Features Of Riser Recliner

Besides the perfect ergonometric features to ensure maximum comfort and health benefits, a recliner cair comes with extra features.

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1. Inbuilt Massage 

The massage helps in soothing and bringing optimum relaxation for you.

Reading lamp

Some recliners come with a reading lamp. You can read at the comfort of your riser recliner.

2. Storage Pockets

They offer storage for all accessories at your arms reach. You can store a remote, a book, or even your tablet for easier aces while on the chair.

3. USB Port

If your tablet runs low and power, you still want to use it on your riser recliner. The USB port allows for charging of your devices using a USB cable.

4. Extra Pillows

Some recliners come with additional cushioning to support your head and neck. 

5. Back Up Batteries

Most self recliners have an inbuilt backup battery. The batteries ensure that you are not left stranded on the recliner in the event of a power loss. These batteries need to b changed if they are not rechargeable.

6. Anti Crush Feature

The feature comes with some riser recliner models. It comes as a sensor to detect anything under the chair and thus stops the recliner from lowering.

This feature comes as a physical barrier to prevent anything from getting under the chair in other models.


Now you know how to operate our riser recliner chair like a pro. It is also vital to ensure regular servicing of the movable parts to maintain its perfect condition. Take note of the safety precautions to avoid damages or being hurt. If not used in the proper way, it could be harmful.