Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the gaming chair. The answer to your every main question can be found in this section.

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What is ‘Tilt-Lock Mechanism’ in a gaming chair?

The tilt-lock mechanism allows you to sit in an upright, ideal position. Since almost all gaming chairs have a tilt motion which is helpful during meetings, phone calls, etc. However, when you play games, the tilt motion can create disturbance for you and won’t let you focus on the game.

For that reason, the tilt lock mechanism is used to derive maximum comfort.

Besides, while playing for long hours, you need to relax your back, arms, neck, and shoulders. If your chair won’t have a tilt lock mechanism, it would be tough to stretch your muscles and relax in a comfy position.

What is the ‘Vertagear Racing Series’?

The Vertagear Racing Series is a series of gaming chairs designed by skilled designers and professional engineering team.

They are immensely popular among professional gamers, as they are upholstered with premium materials and their ergonomically-friendly design ensures the security and well-being of users during play. The manufacturers of Vertagear Racing Series have built them for durability and superior adaptability. Once you sit on them, you feel extra space and long-lasting comfort.

Furthermore, the Vertagear Chairs have more adjustment features compared to other gaming chairs in the market. Most gamers find a suitable setting quickly without extra tweaking.

What to do if you have a limited working area?

If you have a limited working area, you need to focus more on the dimensions of the chair and avoid those models that are extra-large. It will be pertinent to find a chair that fits perfectly in your working area and provides all the benefits you need.

For example, if it has average size but comes with Bluetooth and headset inputs, it is great.

We have some gaming chairs in the market that have preinstalled subwoofers and speakers also. But these features are mostly in large models.

In a way, you must decide what specific feature you require in a gaming chair and find the model that not only fits in your space but also has all the fun and useful features that you need.

What is the difference between a PC chair and Console chair?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions in the gaming chair section.

PC gaming chairs and console gaming chairs aren’t the same. The PC gaming chair has a design of an office chair. Due to its smaller dimensions, it can be used in small spaces. If you have limited space, you can count on it. 

On the other hand, console gaming chairs have large dimensions. They are often bulky and take up more floor space. You find console gaming chairs mostly in the entertainment rooms or living rooms where space isn’t the concern.

What is ‘Waterfall Design’?

The waterfall design chairs contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Their main goal is to keep your spine erect comfortably through enabled adjustments. For that reason, we often find them in offices, however, due to their ergonomically-friendly design, one can buy and used them for gaming also. They have many special features that include varying seat heights, swivel base, etc that are present in a console gaming chair as well.

In case you are thinking what is the meaning behind the attention-grabbing term ‘waterfall’, it is associated with rounded waterfall-like edges that are on the front. They accommodate people of all body types. Furthermore, the seat design of these chairs slopes slight downwards that facilitates in relieving tension behind the knees and improve circulation to the lower limbs.

What are ‘Racing Simulator Seats’?

The racing simulator seats are very expensive.

These seats can either be basic or complex. They are particularly for those gamers who want to take over the road in PC and console games. For that reason, it has a steering wheel and pedals that are connected to it through a sturdy frame.

Some racing stimulator seats have an impressive triple monitor setup as well. Professional gamers who are into the next level racing simulation love them. They often have full tilt range and their seat can slide forward and back for utter comfort.

Can you use ‘Bean Bag Chairs’ as gaming chairs?

Yes, you can use a bean bag chair as gaming chairs.

Though they aren’t like the standard gaming chairs, they can accommodate a huge range of postures and positions. Gamers often opt for them to remove mental tension, anxiety, and stress. They can play games while sitting or lying on it. Their special design minimizes the risk of back injuries and allows you to sleep also.

The great thing about the bean bag chair is the interior. It molds itself to the body shape and supports most of the body. There is no strain when you sit on it.

Why are gaming chairs expensive?

The main reason is the backrest and the adjustable armrests that make this chair expensive. For instance, to support your shoulder and back, companies use backrest features much higher than the regular chair to keep your back in a firm position. Its positioning doesn’t make you feel tired or deal with any kind of back issues.

Usually, their price varies from $80 to $500.

If you don’t want to burn the holes in your pocket, you can choose an economical model also. It will still be better than standard chairs for computer working, reading, and enjoying a game.

Is there anything else you need to ponder?

Yes, your height and weight play an immensely important role.

If you are an extra tall person, like 6′ 3″, or weigh around 250 lbs, standard gaming chairs won’t work for you. Their design won’t support your body type. You have to buy an extra-large seat or try a bean bag chair as they have enough space for tall, heavy people.

Fortunately, most gaming chairs come with the recommended height and weight description. If you can’t find them on the product page, contact the customer support team of the company. They have all the information regarding their chair’s features and they can also tell which model will fit your body type.

Why Should I Buy A Gaming Chair?

ComfortabilityGaming chairs are far more comfortable compared to sitting on the desk chair or on the floor. With a gaming chair, you can prevent neck strains, backaches, and unnecessary discomfort while playing.

Health– You are likely to spend much time while playing with your gaming console. A good posture is essential for your health fitness. A gaming chair provides the best comfort for your back and the entire body.

Features– One of the best things about having a gaming chair is that the style and features that come with it. Some of the gaming chairs include Bluetooth connectivity, compatibility with gaming consoles, and the number of input-output jacks.