Gaming Chair

The Best Gaming Chair – Buying Guide

Gamers need to stay in the game for hours. They spend plenty of time in intense gameplay while seated and create a conducive condition for playing. This makes it important for them to invest in a good gaming chair that can assist them in taking their gaming experience to a whole new level.

5 Best-Selling Gaming Chairs

If you are a professional gamer, you probably already perceive the importance of a high-quality gaming chair, as you spend the majority of your time locked in on a gaming console.

However, it is not easy to find the best gaming chair out there.

Since you have to look for several unique features that can support your back and arms and also give you adjustable armrests so that you can focus and enhance your gameplay.

Before we reveal what to look for in a gaming chair, you should ask yourself a few questions.

  • How much do you play?
  • Are you buying it for you or a friend?
  • Is there any specific issue you want to resolve, like height or seat cushion material?
  • Are you buying it for PC or console gaming?
  • What’s your budget?

Pondering all these questions can facilitate you in choosing the best gaming chair for your needs. There is no specific rule that can resolve all your issues; you need to comprehend your needs first as you know your conditions and invest in a chair that meets your gaming needs.

Buying Guide

1. Ergonomics

An ergonomic-friendly chair is a chair that has adjustable parts that provide the correct support for your back, weight, and posture.

When you use an ergonomic chair, you feel the comfort. It supports your lumbar while sitting. You don’t end up as a typical slouch who appears lazy and tired all the time. Besides, you don’t stand up after a few minutes, time and time again, either to stretch a sore back.

A well-designed ergonomic gaming chair molds around your back. 

It has a swivel capability too that supports your hand and body motions during the game. They are designed with human physiology and psychology in mind, for that reason, they maintain great comfort for long stretches of sitting.

People who don’t use the ergonomic-friendly chair for their gaming sessions often deal with chronic pain. Their neck and back cramp up during the gaming session and don’t let them relish their gaming hobby.

2. Lumbar Support

The lumbar support feature gives enough compression and support for your lower back particularly. Chairs without lumbar support often build up pressure on your lower back discs and sore the muscles around the spine.

Therefore, you need to make sure the lumbar region of your body is safe and not encountering any pressure or strain when you are sitting for long hours.

Unfortunately, choosing the right lumber support in a gaming chair is not easy. It is pertinent to check how much tension is present in it. Some people prefer less tension, while others love to have firm lumber to relax their back fully while engaging in demanding tasks in the game.

Apart from the tension in the lumbar support feature, you have to check the amount of padding also. The extra amount of padding will increase your console level. 

Though it is available in different types. For example, you can find foam padding rather easily, but there are some manufacturers that count on airy mesh-type padding in place of leather or foam. It is up to you to decide which padding suits your taste the most.

3. Material

The material of a gaming chair is as important as the lumbar support and ergonomics.

It decides the durability. It makes all the difference in the creation of a quality chair. The most common and high-quality gaming chair material is ‘leather’.

The real leather chair is made from animal rawhide through the special process of tanning. For that reason, it is breathable and improves with age. Some manufacturers tag their chair with the leather material but it is not the original leather. It is often a faux leather-like PU or PVC.

The PU and PVC leather have their own benefits.

They are better at absorbing and releasing moisture. In other words, they keep your chair cooler. The only drawback in the PU and PVC leather material is they are more likely to crack and peel over time. Also, they are economical compared to pure original leather.

In case you aren’t into leather, we have an option of ‘fabric’ too. It is more breathable than fabric and it is softer as well.

4. Adjustable Armrests

An adjustable armrest is one of the best features a gaming chair can have.

When you play games for long hours, keeping your arms in a comfortable position is immensely important, since if they are stretched, they can get stressed. You will feel the pain in your arms and back of the shoulders.

Many gaming chairs come with the armrests, but they are not adjustable. If the size and the placement of the armrest complement your gaming style, it is fine. Otherwise, you need to make sure they are adjustable. You will have the best option to work with.

Bear in mind, some gaming chairs are quite large.

Even if they have adjustable armrests, the dimensions of the chair can make their placements complex and cause more stress on your arms and shoulders that will lead to neck pain in the long run. 

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

You might be wondering if getting a gaming chair is worth your money. If you think that you don’t need it then here we have listed the reasons why you should get one:

1. A Good Posture

You are likely to spend lots of your time playing with your computer games and having a good posture is essential for your health fitness. A gaming chair provides the best comfort for your back and your entire body.

2. Gaming Skills Boost

With a gaming chair, you can improve your gameplay tactics. This is because it gives you excellent comfort and aligns your body correctly while playing. It motivates you to keep playing.

3. Ideal Comfort

A gaming chair with enough padding on the armrests, backrest, and right cushioning gives you the ideal comfort. It makes gaming fun. With a gaming chair, you prevent neck strains, backaches, and unnecessary discomfort while playing. 

4. Maximum Flexibility

You get to enjoy fantastic features such as adjustable recliners, rocking, and swiveling. Gaming chairs enable you to choose which position best suits you while playing. 

5. Improve Concentration

If you are looking forward to concentrating while playing, you need a perfect gaming chair. The ergonometric features ensure that you have smooth game time.


All in all, gaming chairs come in different designs and themes.

You have to check their qualities to determine which brand has implemented better ergonomics in their model. It is significant especially for desktop gamers, they have to find a model that suits the proportion of their body.

If it is your first time and if you don’t know much about the features of a gaming chair, look for five things only – elevation adjustment, adjustable armrests, tilt mechanism, the tension in the lumbar support, and material. 

Focusing on these five small features only can help you in choosing the best model.