Best Table for Gun Cleaning

5 Best Tables for Gun Cleaning: Shoot Like a Ranger

It is understandable how hectic and stressful to search for the best table for gun cleaning. Maybe you bought one that did not give you long-lasting durability. A good gun cleaning table always unique in design, practical to use and ideal in appearance.

5 Best-Selling Tables for Gun Cleaning

Getting one indeed will be a very long process, mostly if you are looking for a perfect table that will be multi-purpose.

Therefore, here are the five top-rated best tables for gun cleaning.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Tables for Gun Cleaning

1. Caldwell Stable Table

Caldwell Stable Table Lite ( Transport And Outdoor Target Shooting, Grey)
Product Highlights:
  • specs: weatherproof tabletop is 34” w x 23” l and weighs 30 pounds and the allweather seat is 17” in height with a total weight limit of 250 pounds
  • ease of use: table unfolds to setup and the ambidextrous seat pivots around the rear table leg for maximum shooting comfort
  • versatility: the entire table can be adjusted to accommodate left or right handed shooters

The Caldwell Stable table is a product of the Caldwell Store. The tabletop is waterproof, and the table weighs about 30 pounds. It is a full set, which means it comes with an all-weather seat of about 17 inches in height and a total weight of 250 pounds.

An unfolding feature of the Caldwell stable tables makes it easy to use, whether indoor or outdoor. It is also easy to set it up with ambidextrous seat support around the rear table leg for maximum shooting comfort.

Two forks fit into the carrying handles of the benchtop are useful during cleaning. If you are a left-handed shooter, the Caldwell stable table is the best to go for, and you can adjust the table to a position that you will feel comfortable during shooting.

The waterproof tabletop and the molded seat make it durable and comfortable for an extended shooting period. Perimeter rails that are on the tabletop keep the ammunition from rolling off the table. It pushes the activation buttons for folding with molded carrying handles to allow easy storage and transportation.

2. Caldwell Stable Table with Ambidextrous Design

Caldwell Stable Table With ( For Outdoor, Range, Shooting And Cleaning)
Product Highlights:
  • specs: the highly durable, weatherproof tabletop is 34” x 23” and the allweather seat adjusts from 16”-22” in height with a weight limit of 275 pounds
  • ease of use: table features a quick-release pin for easy seat height adjustment, an adjustable leg angle for use on uneven terrain and all movements can be locked to ensure a secure shooting bench
  • versatility: two cleaning forks (included) fit into the carrying handles of the benchtop and the holes on the legs allow for stakes or anchors (not included) to be inserted for increased stability

Visit the Caldwell store to get Caldwell stable table with an ambidextrous design that can rotate up to 369 degrees, has a waterproof synthetic table and seat top. You can use this gun cleaning table for outdoor range, shooting, and cleaning too.

The gun cleaning table with an ambidextrous design is square and has an alloy steel finish. It weighs about one kilogram, making it easy to carry and transport. You can adjust the all-weather seat to a position that will make your shooting period remarkable. The seat can support up to 275 pounds.

A quick-release pin on the table makes it easy to adjust the height, leg angle to make it perfect for use on uneven terrain. You can block any kind of movement to ensure a secure shooting period using the quick-release pin.

Two forks fit into the carrying handles of the tabletop for use during cleaning. The holes on the legs allow the insertion of stakes or anchors to offer stability. A tubular steel construction, reinforced welded steel frames, and a waterproof tabletop give this unique gun cleaning table long-lasting durability.

The synthetic seat gives you a prolonged shooting comfort, and the perimeter rail keeps the gun from falling. The quick-release pin facilitates easy takedown, and the molded carrying handles allow easy transportation.

3. MTM PST-11 Predator Shooting Table

MTM PST11 Predator Shooting ( Table, Forest Green)
Product Highlights:
  • mtm predator shooting table has a wedge-shaped tabletop design to provide a comfortable shooting position for both left and right-handed shooters
  • size: 35" (l) x 28" (w) x 30" (h); shooting surface: 28" x 35"
  • lightweight, less than 15 pounds, and is easy to carry

United Sporting Company is the main producer of the MTM PST-11 Predator Shooting Table. A wedge-shaped design tabletop provides a comfortable shooting experience for both left and right-handed shooters. 

A polymer is a crucial material on this gun cleaning table. Polymer offers extremely long-lasting durability to the table. 

It has barrel grooves molded into three sides to provide a handy place to enable you to clean the firearm. The table is reasonably wide to offer you ample and spacious space for guns, cleaning tools, and any related items for cleaning. 

Predator shooting table is perfect for sighting-in backyard shooters, hunters on the go, maintenance table, or muzzle leaders table. It can fold flat up to four inches to make it easy to transport and store.

It is less than 15 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to carry.

The tabletop top in forest green to camouflage with the forest. It is ideal for forest hunting. 

4. Browning Camping Outfitter Table

Browning Camping Outfitter Table ( Outfitter Table)
Product Highlights:
  • adjustable heights allow you to customize table for any event - standard (30"), intermediate (35.5") and maximum (42")
  • works great as a serving table, fish/game cleaning station or camping table; options are endless
  • solid powder-coated steel base and hard table top provides easy cleaning surface

Browning Camping is the primary producer of the Browning Camping Outfitter Table. The table is rectangular, has a powder-coated steel finish, folding base, and a steel product.

You can customize the table to any height that makes you feel comfortable since the table has an adjustable height. This browning camping outfitter table is multipurpose. You can use it as a family or friends picnic table, a gun cleaning table, or anything else like gaming. The solid powder-coated steel base and rigid tabletop make it easy to clean.

When purchasing the table, a removable plastic table top cover helps keep the table clean. A carrying bag is inclusive after folding it fits into it to make it easy for transportation and storing.

5. Sunex 8019 Heavy Duty Adjustable Work Table with Drawer

Sunex 8019 Heavy Duty ( Table With Drawer, Red)
Product Highlights:
  • sunexpress 1 year warranty
  • easy to maneuver 2" casters
  • 1" deep drawer for convenient storage

Sunex Tools Store is the leading producer of the Sunex 8019 Heavy Duty Adjustable Work Table with drawer. It is red in color and a deluxe work table size. 

The table weighs about 40.8 pounds.

When purchasing the Sunex table, a screwdriver, a pry bar holder, a replacement caster with a nut and a one-inch drawer for convenient storage come with a pry bar holder. On the base, legs are fitted with two inches caster rollers for easy movement and maneuver. An air tool hose cut-outs offer easy storage.

The caster rollers have stoppers to give you no stability during the cleaning of your guns. The table is multipurpose, and you can use it for other house tools cleaning apart from just guns.

It has a powder-coated finish to give it long-lasting durability.

Sunex heavy duty adjustable work table has an adjustable height to make it work on various sizes that will make you feel comfortable.

Buying Guide

1. Foldability 

A quality table should have a folding feature for easy transportation and storage. A foldable table is usually light and can fit in any space or store.

2. Material

The best material for tables for dun cleaning is steel and a synthetic tabletop. Steel is durable, healthy, and offers an excellent frame for stability. An artificial tabletop can is usually easy to clean and is waterproof.

3. Height 

An adjustable height is what you should always go for. Size should be sizeable enough to give you comfort not just when cleaning but during shootouts. An adjustable-height will provide you with the best angle for your comfort.

4. Size 

The size of a table for gun cleaning should always be easy to fit in any kind of space or vehicle when folded or unfolded.

Why Cleaning Your Gun Is Important

1. Understanding Your Weapon

By disassembling your gun to clean it, you will have a better understanding of how your weapon works, and depending on what kind of gun you have, it may either be easy or challenging to disassemble and assemble it. Even if you are not that interested in the inner components of the gun, knowing about the internal elements will provide a new level of respect for it. You will also have a better knowledge of why you need to clean your gun and how often you should maintain it.

2. Ensure Reliability and Safety

Maintaining your gun regularly can make you sure that it will work in top performance. Cleaning removes any dirt, gunk, and build-up during shooting sessions. If you don’t often clean it, it can build up in the barrel and internal mechanism that can end in firing failure and may require repair. Also not cleaning your gun regularly may affect the accuracy and decrease precision especially if your gun is for security purposes or self-defense. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you feel confident and secure every time.

3. Long Lasting

Guns can last for a very long time if you would take care of them correctly. Maintaining it regularly can surely lengthen the lifespan of any weapons you may have. Depending on how often you use it will determine how often you should properly clean it.

To get the best performance and to make sure it lasts long, clean it properly, lubricate and store it in a safe and proper place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you supposed to clean your gun after every use?

To reduce the chance of rusting and corrosion, you should always clean the gun after every use.

Do I need a gun mat?

If you are a lover of guns, consider having a mat that fits the whole part of the gun cleaning table. Table mats increase the table’s durability and help control dirt or oil during the oiling or grease guns. 

How long should a gun go without cleaning?

A gun should always be clean every time you use it. Or take a maximum of one week and clean it.