Best Table for Espresso Machine

5 Best Tables for Espresso Machine: Perfectly Served Coffee & Espresso

If you are a coffee lover, you understand how an espresso machine is more important, or if you own a coffee shop, you will need this espresso machine. The critical thing of discussion is the table for the espresso machine.

5 Best-Selling Tables for Espresso Machine

There are many tables, but they are specific for unique machines for coffee. A perfect table can hold the table’s weight and still make the machine perfect so well and look so ideal when on the table. 

Here are some of amazon’s best tables for espresso machines that will suit your interest.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Tables for Espresso Machine

1. FURINNO Simplistic Study Table

FURINNO Simplistic Study Table ( Table, Espresso)
Product Highlights:
  • simple stylish design, functional and suitable for any room
  • material: premium quality composite wood. shape: rectangular
  • fits in your space, fits on your budget

FURINNO Simplistic Sturdy Table is a product of the Furinno store. The table has an espresso color, wood material, espresso furniture finish, rectangular, and one shelf.

It has an only stylish design that makes it functional and suitable for any kind of room, whether small or big,

High-quality premium composite wood is the primary material on this espresso table, and it is sturdy for flat surfaces. Assembling this Furinno table is easy; just follow the instructions on the manual to assemble.

The table weighs about 20 pounds, the finish is laminated and has a one-year warranty description.

2. Furinno 11157GYW/BK Andrey End Table Nightstand

Furinno Andrey End Table ( Drawer, French Oak Grey/Black)
Product Highlights:
  • simple stylish design comes in multiple color options functional and suitable for any room..assembly required.material:engineered wood.item dimensions:15.6" l x 15.5" w x 17.5" h
  • material: engineered wood, non-woven bins.
  • tabletop holds up to 15 lbs

The Furinno Store is the primary producer of the Andrey End Table Nightstand table. It is rectangular, has an oak furniture finish and wood material. The tables come in different colors that suit your interest with a simple and stylish design. The design makes it functional and suitable for any room.

Composite high-quality wood and non-woven bins are the main material on this quality espresso machine table. The wood gives it a flawless look to blend with the mood of your room and spaces.

Assembling this espresso table is so fast and easy, it takes less than 10 minutes to assemble. Always follow the instructions on the manual to assemble.

It was first made available on December 12, 2016, and weighs about 11.3 pounds.

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3. FURINNO Simple Design End/Side Table

FURINNO Simple Design EndSideTable ( 1-Pack, Columbia Walnut/Black)
Product Highlights:
  • compact stylish design: petite size end table suitable for small spaces
  • quality material: high quality medium density composite wood with uv resistant laminate
  • added safety feature: rounded corner reduces the risk of injury

Visit the Furinno Store to get the FURINNO simple Design End/SideTable. It is a product of Columbia and comes in unique colors that will suit your interest. The colors perfectly blend with the mood and style of your space.

A simple design end/side table is made of wood material, a rectangle, and a Columbia walnut furniture finish. This simple design table is suitable for small spaces and rooms. A high-quality medium density composite wood with UV resistance laminate makes it long-lasting durable to give you service a time long.

A round and curve corners add a safety feature to reduce the risk of injury.

The table is water and scratch resistant to add a durability feature to it.

Assembling this product is easy and necessary; just implement the instructions on the manual. A one-year warranty after purchasing to all clients.

The table weighs about 11 pounds and is portable to move it around if you want to change its place.

4. Winsome Eugene Accent Table

Winsome Eugene Accent Table ( Inches, Espresso)
Product Highlights:
  • rectangular end/accent table from winsome wood for living room or bedside use.table top holds 50 lbs and the racks holds 20 & 30 lbs respectively
  • beech wood construction with warm espresso finish; slightly tapered legs
  • equipped with 1 drawer and 1 single-shelf cabinet; round satin nickel knobs on drawer and cabinet door

Winsome Eugene Accent Table is a product of the Winsome Store. It is rectangular, has an espresso furniture finish, black, and made from wood. This table is ideal for the living room and as a bedside coffee table.

A block of beech wood is a key material in constructing this unique table with slightly tapered legs. It has a drawer and a single-shelf cabinet to offer storage for coffee cups, magazines, books, and many other things. A round satin nickel knob on drawer and cabinet door to act as a handle during slide out of drawers and cabinet door opening.

When you purchase this winsome product, it comes with the necessary tools and hardware during home assembling. It weighs about 19 pounds; it is easy to carry and move. The first date of availability was November 1, 2000.

5. FURINNO 17017 Turn-N-Tube End Table

Furinno 17017 TurnNTube End ( 1-Pack, Espresso)
Product Highlights:
  • manufactured from durable carb grade composite wood. weight capacity: 15lbs..assembly required.material:wood.item dimensions:15.8" l x 11.8" w x 27.8" h
  • including one storage drawer and lower shelf
  • comes with multiple color options. rounded edge design prevents potential injuries.

The Furinno 17017 Turn-N-Tube End Table is a product of the Furinno Store. It has an end of table pattern, leg type base, espresso furniture finish, and rectangular. It can also be used as a night Stand for lamps.

High-quality medium E1 grade composite wood is the key material on this table for quality and durability.

The table has a drawer and a lower shelf for the storage of books, magazines, coffee tumblers, and anything you like. A Turn-n-tube end table is strong to hold up to the weight of an espresso machine. It has a weight capacity of 15lbs, and it is not heavy to carry.

Assembling is easy; just read the instruction keenly on the manual for perfect assembling. 

You will get a one-year product warranty if you purchase this product.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best table for espresso machines, there are some key factors always to consider. Here are some of the key factors to always look on the table when purchasing this table.  

1. Size 

The size of the espresso machine stand table should not be too long. Espresso machines are coffee machines making it possible even to be easy for children to reach and get some coffee. If the table is long, it will limit children, making it uncomfortable for them, and it is too short. Similarly, it will give the old a hectic time to access it. 

The perfect size of the two to three feet long and two to three feet wide. This dimension is the best to look into when looking for the best table for your espresso machine.

2. Material

Tables can come with different materials like wood and metal. The best of all is wood. A quality table is always a wood table. Wood tables are ideal from just the look. It can blend nicely and perfectly with the kind of mood or style of your space.

3. Weight

Approximately, the weight of a table for an espresso machine should be below 25 pounds. The table should be easy to carry and move to preferences without any kind of stress for carrying it. Always consider that as you go for it.

4. Shape

A rectangular table is the best for any kind of space and room. Preferably, a rectangle table can fit even at the side of the bed or counters.

Different Types of Espresso

1. Normale or Standard Espresso

A single shot of standard espresso is obtained by extracting approximately 1 oz of coffee. It is the most traditional and popular form of espresso drink in coffee culture and served in coffee shops. A standard espresso’s extraction time is between 20-30 seconds depending if the recipe is balanced and correct. The most common drinks served with standard espresso as a base are a cappuccino, caffe latte. caffe mocha and espresso macchiato.

2. Ristretto

Ristretto is a short shot of espresso made with finely ground beans and less water. They are a more concentrated version of espresso where the main concern is the flavor, meaning it is all about quality over quantity. The caffeine amount is the same or less as you are pulling a shot from the same amount of grounds. The taste of coffee is sweeter and less bitter as the extraction time is shorter.

3. Lungo

Lungo is an Italian word for “long”. From the word itself, the extraction time of making a lungo needs more amount of time to pull it. Usually, normale shot’s extraction is about 18-30 seconds using approximately 30mL of water and on the other hand, lungo is pulled using double the amount of water and due to the extra water, it takes up a minute to pull. A lungo is a slightly diluted espresso, somewhere between 90 to 120mL, which is between a standard espresso and an Americano

4. Americano

Americano and espresso are pretty much the same, the only difference is Americanos are diluted with hot water and consist of a single or double shot of espresso brew. By adding hot water to a standard espresso the taste and size of the drink change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a quality table for an espresso machine?

Woods always make a quality table for espresso machines, it is laminated, has an espresso furniture finish, and the base legs should be sturdy.

The weight should not be heavy, just light for easy portability. 

Are the tables only designed for espresso machines?

Depending on the design, espresso machines stand stables can be used for some other purposes. You can use the table as a side table for beds or a nightstand table for lamps.

What brand is the best for tables for espresso machines?

No specific brand is the best, the purpose of the table and the kind of table that you need will drive you to the kind of brand where you will get the one you want.