Best Tables for Diamond Painting

5 Best Tables for Diamond Painting

Tables can come with different purposes that will not fit with the mood of where you want to place them. Some tables are versatile; they fit and blend with any kind of room mood, style, and painting. Such paintings are, for example, Diamond paintings. Diamond paintings are unique for their blending habit. They are perfect for any kind of mood or style. A table for diamond painting gives it a unique feature and taste.

5 Best-Selling Tables for Diamond Painting

If you are looking for a blending piece and paint for your kitchen or dining area, then go fall in love with the diamond painting. This means it is vital and precious from the word diamond, and it will leave your diamond painting piece looking adorable and sweet.

Here are some of Amazon’s best tables for diamond painting.

5 Top Rated Tables for Diamond Painting – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. SD STUDIO DESIGNS 2 Piece Comet Craft Table

SD STUDIO DESIGNS 2 ( And Stool | Black/White)
Product Highlights:
  • made with durable heavy gage steel construction that includes six floor levelers for stability
  • product dimensions – 23.75” d x 50” w x 29.5” h | full tilt – 44.25” h | top dimensions – 23.75” d x 36” w | weight – 56.2 lbs.
  • 20.5"h padded stool included

Visit the SD STUDIO DESIGNS Store to get the two-piece Comet Craft Table. It is black and white in color, alloy steel finish, rectangular, and has three drawers.

The steel is a durable and heavy gauge that includes six-floor levelers for stability. The set consists of a 20.5’ H padded stool and a diamond painting table.

It is an ideal addition under the desktop storage shelf. Glass top is adjustable from flat to 40 degrees angle to make the table versatile for other uses such as computer table, drafting table, writing table. Home hobby table, or as art and design table.

It weighs about 50 pounds; assembling is easy; just follow the instructions on the manual.

The table is one of the most rated tables on Amazon.

2. OneSpace Craft Station, Silver with Blue Glass

OneSpace Craft Station With ( Drafting, Silver)
Product Highlights:
  • unique in that supplies won’t fall out when raised to any angle; easily tilts to 62.5 degrees
  • distinctively artist and draftsman friendly; ample blue tempered safety glass work surface
  • 2 easy slide out drawers for convenient storage; removable single-slot and multi-slot supply trays on each side

Visit the OneSpace Store to find out more about the OneSpace Craft Station, Silver with Blue Glass Table. Silver with blue glass is the color you can find in the OneSpace product.

The table consists of a silver finish and glass. It is rectangular and has two drawers. The tabletop is adjustable easily to about 52.5 degrees, and supplies are vital to support it from falling.

If you are a diamond painting enthusiast, this table is best for you; it is Distinctively artist and draftsman friendly with an ample blue tempered safety-glass work surface. Drawers that can slide out to offer convenient storage of your tools of painting. Each drawer on both sides has multi-slot trays and single-slot that are easily removable.

The silver steel frames are heavy-duty, with smooth-rolling casters with lockable two, on the leg base for mobility and durability.

This OneSpace product is unique such that it delivers exceptional functionality and value that lasts.

The first date to be available was on July 22, 2016.

3. Futura Crafting, Drafting, Drawing Table

SD STUDIO DESIGNS Futura ( Clear Glass,43.25"W X 24"D X 31.5"H)
Product Highlights:
  • futura craft and drawing station: modern and stylish design with a 38" w x 24" d tempered blue safety glass workspace and silver table legs; perfect for diving into a variety of creative projects, including painting, drawing, sketching, writing, and more
  • storage space: designed with a large pencil drawer 28" w x 10" d, four removable side trays for art supplies, and three plastic-molded, slide-out drawers that can be mounted on the left or right side of the table
  • adjustable tempered glass work surface: 38" wide by 24" tall work surface features a unique platform that adjusts up to 35 degrees; can also be used as a light table; transforms workspace and allows for versatility as you create

To get this Futura Crafting, drafting, Drawing Table visit the SD studio Design Store. Futura table has a craft station pattern, black, glassy, rectangular, and three drawers. It has a strong, durable, and safe blue glass on the top.

Assembling this Futura crafting, drafting, and drawing table is easy; just follow the manual instructions for assembling. You can use it as a light table or work desk.

A three plastic molded slide-out drawers for storage are mounted on the left or sometimes on the right side of the table, handy desk storage.

You can adjust the top angle to up to 35 degrees for comfortable painting. After the adjustment, you can use the size for drafting, computer table, writing table, home hobby table, or even art and craft purposes. 

As a genuine client, the SD Studio Design Store gives a ten years warranty on parts. The table weighs about 42 pounds, which is not so heavy to move or carry.

4. Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station in Silver / Blue Glass

Studio Designs Vision Craft ( Built-In Pencil Ledge - Angle Adjustable Work Surface)
Product Highlights:
  • vision craft and drawing station: modern and stylish design with silver-blue tempered safety glass workspace and silver table legs; perfect for diving into a variety of creative projects, including painting, drawing, sketching, writing, and more
  • storage space and built-in pencil ledge: designed with four removable side trays for art supplies and three plastic-molded, slide-out drawers (for use on either side); includes 23.75" w x 2" d storage pencil ledge for storing writing utensils and canvases
  • adjustable glass work surface: 35.5" w by 23.75" d main work surface features a unique platform that adjusts from a flat surface up to 70 degrees; can also be used as a light table; transforms workspace and allows for versatility as you create

The SD Studio Design Store is the leading primary producer of the studio design 10053 vision craft station table. It has silver frames and a blue glass top that is adjustable to about 70 degrees angle—Slide-out, three plastic drawers that are best for storing your painting equipment.

The table is rectangular and has four casters for mobility with two lockings, four removable side trays that you can use for supply.

Heavy gauge powder-coated steel frame construction to offer you a long-lasting duration of service. It weighs about 48 pounds, making it easy for you to carry. It was first made available on July 26, 2005. A useful tool for your diamond painting career.  It is best for all genders and adults too. 

5. SD Studio Designs 2 Piece Vision Modern Metal Hobby, Craft, Drawing, Drafting Table

SD Studio Designs Studio ( 25.75" D Angle Adjustable Top In Silver/Blue Glass)
Product Highlights:
  • main work surface 35.5 w x 24 d
  • tempered blue safety glass top
  • top angle adjustment from flat up to 70 degrees

The two-piece vision modern metal hobby, craft, drawing, and drafting table is an SD Studio Design Store product. It has a bench style and a desk design. The silver frames are made of heavy gauge powder-coated steel construction to give you a long-lasting service duration. It is rectangular, and the glass top is blue, with a temper of safety.

The top is adjustable to up to 70 degrees angle so that you can use it as a computer table, drafting table, writing table, home hobby table, or art and craft tool. It has three plastic slide-out drawers for easy storage of your painting tools.

The main work surface has dimensions of 35.5’ W by 24D. It weighs about 46 pounds; assembling this drafting table is always required; follow the manual’s instruction to assemble.

Buying Guide

When going for the best table for diamond painting, there are unique futures you must look at to get the kind of table you need. Here are some of the guides you should always consider when purchasing such a table.

1. Supplies  and Packaging

Make sure the supplies have a coded canvas with an adhesive, a setting tool, gum for picking up the gemstones, and the gems themselves. The packaging should be sturdy and without any kind of damage, whether severe or minor damages.

2. The Kind of Drill

The kind of drill depends on the gemstones. The gems do not line up correctly around the drill, thus creating free spaces between the gems. Round drills produce more abstract images making it better for small designs.

On the other hand, the square drill lines up perfectly with no space in between the gemstones. Round drill produces clear paintings and may resemble mosaics. The decision lies in you.

3. Size  

The size of the painting always varies with the size of the table. The larger the table the larger the size of the diamond painting.

Steps On How To Start Diamond Painting

Step 1: Lay Your Canvas On Your Workstation

Perfectly roll your canvas out on a smooth and flat surface. Either you are using a work table or craft table you just have to make sure that it is clean and dry.

Step 2: Selecting Color

Select a color or symbol for each sections and start pouring the selected diamond into the tray. Shake it lightly so that the diamond shifts upright.

Step 3: Waxing

You can now start applying a small amount of wax to your diamond pen. The wax acts combine with the static cling and act as a diamond magnet.

Step 4: Diamond Painting

Place each diamond on its corresponding square on your canvas. Each diamond must be placed into a specific symbol, you can check the legend side of your canvas to know which symbol corresponds to each color. Colors are denoted using DMC threads. Now you can start peeling the protective film but make sure that you don’t remove it all at one and start painting.

Step 5: Repeat Process

Repeat the process until you cover all the squares in your canvas and have shimmering diamond art! Diamond Paintings are surely an enjoyable craft to do so take a step back and appreciate its beauty.

Tip: To increase the life span of your Diamond Painting, you must seal it before you display it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of the size of the table on diamond paint?

The larger the table, the larger the size of the diamond painting. The size of the canvas is large if placed on a larger table.

How many drills are there in a diamond painting?

In a 5D diamond painting, each side has five facets. Many diamond paintings are 5D.

Why call it a diamond painting?

Diamond painting originated from mosaic art, using codes, canvas images are printed with the help of little boxes, and every box is coded with a number. Packs of resins provide the corresponding codes that have to be placed on the boxes. The image that comes out from this procedure after the completion makes it a diamond painting.