Best Tables for Brio Train

5 Best Tables for Brio Train: Better Playtime for Kids’

Kids are proactive, playful and always in love with toys like brio train. Enhancing their lively character makes you bond with them so much. Providing a lively environment for your kids is so important. 

A comfortable table is what your kid needs when playing, more so if your kid loves trains. A table relieves you of the pain of every time picking down the train toys after they have left them on the floor. The table for brio trains also helps your kid to be able to grow stronger and stand fast as they want to stand and play with the brio train on the table.

5 Best-Selling Tables for Brio Train

Table for brio train relieves you of the tension you may have on stepping the brio train like when your kids are playing on the floor. Destructing your kids as they play will bring chaos but creating a conducive environment will make them love you.

Here are Amazon’s best tables for the brio train.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Tables for Brio Train

1. KidKraft Wooden Play Table Train Table, Natural

KidKraft DoubleSided Wooden Train ( Drawer, Natural, Gift For Ages 3+)
Product Highlights:
  • made of wood: crafted of long-lasting, premium and sustainable materials plus child-safe paints for a durable toy that can be passed down from kid to kid. natural color looks good in any home.
  • easy assembly: easy-to-follow instructions make it quick to set up. should take only one adult an hour or less to assemble.
  • reversible tabletop: draw on the solid whiteboard with markers (not included), or work on crafts such as clay or play dough. flip the top over and discover an illustrated land to imagine and play with vehicles, figurines and more.

The KidKraft store is the primary manufacturer of the KidKraft Wooden Play Table Train Table. Kidkraft wooden table is a solid wood MDF piece, weighs about 3.52 ounces, and has base storage.

This KidKraft wooden table has a double-side play area—whiteboard on one side and a colorful landscape on the other side. The table has built-in storage compartment drawers that slide out from the middle. A 360 degrees play area so accommodates multiple numbers of kids to play at the same time.

Kidkraft wooden table has a smart design and sturdy construction to give your kids a long-lasting playtime until they are of age to leave them. The table is recommended for kids between the age of 36 months to eight years. It is one of the most rated tables for brio trains on amazon, and it was first made available on September 9, 2019.

No assembly is required after purchase. Installation is easy and faster; no tools are required.

2. GobiDex Kids Table and Chair Set

GobiDex AllinOne Kids Table ( Table Kids Building Blocks Toys For Kids Ages 3+)
Product Highlights:
  • 🌟【safe & secure】: our set is designed with child's safety in mind. rounded edges and sturdy construction ensure a worry-free playtime for little ones.
  • 🪑【comfortable & supportive】: the ergonomically designed chairs provide optimal support and comfort, promoting good posture during play, study, or mealtime activities.
  • 🌈【spark creativity】: as children explore the world of art, crafts, and learning at their own table, their imagination bursts to life. it's the perfect space for coloring, drawing, and building blocks, among other activities.

GobiDex is the leading producer of the GobiDex Kids Table and Chair Set. The set includes a compatible Duplo activity table, removable double-sided playboards, two chairs, four storage boxes, and 100 pcs big DIY building blocks.

The table has a lot of playing material and can easily play with a brio train on it. It is large enough to accommodate a good number of kids. A Lot of playing material for kids is what you will get on this table, including building blocks. You kids have a variety of games to pick and have fun with.

The double-sided play boards are very well distributed to enable your kid to play and later do their homework, have a meal or even do an experiment on the other side. The table can, later on, be converted to a water table and sand table. The uniqueness of this table is that it is perfect for many activities.

The table legs are adjustable to make your kids grow with them up to around eight years old. This set comes with a four inches height table riser to adjust with your kid’s growth. The design of this table and chairs go hand in hand with organic theory, which helps cultivate the kid’s upright sitting posture. The chairs fit perfectly under the table when not in use for space optimization. 

A 7 in 1 kid’s activity table will make you a kid all day long to enable you to do your house chores without a lot of disturbance. Make your kids innovative as they learn to create, build and splash.

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3. Amazon Basics Wooden Multi-Activity Play Table, White

Amazon Basics Wooden MultiActivity ( Play Table, White)
Product Highlights:
  • kids' play table for multiple activities
  • use for art activities, blocks, puzzles, train sets, and much more
  • perimeter lip and recessed table top keeps small objects from rolling off

The Amazon Basics store the producer of the Amazon Basic Wooden Multi-Activity Play Table. The Amazon tablet is white, rectangular. It weighs about 42 pounds, and no assembly is required. 

It can be used for brio train, puzzles, block building, and many more fun games. The tabletop is recessed, and the perimeter lip keeps small objects from rolling off the table. The sturdy construction design is anti-tip to make the table to be durable and kids friendly. Beneath the table, there is a storage drawer for keeping supplies and many other kids playing items. The surface is removable for easy cleaning and maintaining its color. It was first made available on April 4, 2019.

4. UTEX 2 In 1 Kid Construction Play Table with Storage Drawers and Built-in Plate

UTEX 2 In 1 ( Built In Plate (Espresso))
Product Highlights:
  • assembled dimension: this kids play table is sized right for toddlers and kids aged 3+. the height is conveniently sized for young children, making it easy for them to access the table while either kneeling or sitting on the floor.
  • multi activity table: the tabletop surface is made of double sided playboard ,you can converts from construction playtime table to smooth surface table for creative playtime , it provides the perfect play space for building fun! plus, when the building is over, flip the top panel to find a smooth surface for creative play
  • construction panels: construction panel is compatible with compatible with most major building bricks.

Visit the UTEX Store to get this 2 in 1 kid construction play table with storage drawers and a built-in plate. The table is made of wood. Espresso furniture finishes, leg base, and weighs about 24,3 pounds. The weights are so small to make you able to move it and tag it with your family during a family fun day.

2 in 1 table is perfectly designed for kids from 3+ ages. Height is also perfect for young children to access the table while even kneeling or even sitting on the floor.

You can convert the table from a construction play table to a smooth surface table for creative playtime. If you think of a gift for your kid, this is the perfect gift.

5. BRIO World Train Play Table for Kids Age 3 Years and Up An ideal Activity Table

BRIO World 33099 ( Kids Age 3 And Up,Multi)
Product Highlights:
  • product includes - brio play table made from solid wood with rounded corners, 4 feet by 2. 5 feet by 18 inches in height.
  • perfect for the creative toddler - help your budding train engineer improve their train set experience. designed for children ages 3 and up.
  • high quality - the play table is made from solid wood, is easy to assemble, and is sanded smooth with rounded corners and finished with multiple coats of non-toxic lacquer paint for a chip resistant, vibrant finish.

BRIO Store is the leading producer of the BRIO World Train Play Table for Kids. No cautionary warning statements on the table, giving your kid a whole time playful duration without fear. The table can be used with more than one kid because it is wide enough to accommodate multiple numbers.

BRIO World Train Play Table has land and water image decoration on the background to make it an ideal play environment for your kid. This table is perfect for kids up to three years and above. The table is made of high-standard BRIO techniques and from FSC  certified woods. After purchase, you get free on your first order. It was first released on September 1, 2014.

When assembling, just follow the instructions on the manual, easy to assemble and requires no tools.

Buying Guide

Here are some of the best guidelines you should consider when purchasing the best tablet for the brio train. 

1. Material 

The best material for a brio train table should be wood, on both the surface and frames. Woods are easy to clean and maintain.

2. Size and Height 

The large table should be 46 inches by 31 inches in size and 18 inches. The dimensions and height majorly depend on the age of your kid.

3. Surface Decorations

The tabletop’s surface should be graphically decorated with images of different landscapes to help your kid interact more during his playtime.

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How to Clean a Wooden Train Set

It’s a reality in life that playthings, including train sets, get dirty. They accumulate dust, dirty fingerprints, and certainly saliva, and anything else that you could think of that can get hold of the toys while being played on.

The good quality of wooden toys is that they are eco-friendly, harmless, and non-toxic, meaning, you are assured that your children won’t be harmed while exploring their toys with their hands as well as their mouths. Nevertheless, if your children are still at the teething stage you want to maintain the cleanliness of their toys at all times.

Overall, the track parts of a wooden train set are manufactured with unpainted, unvarnished wood as the wood is normally absorbent you should not submerge it when you clean it because it can cause the wood to warp or crack.

Though, despite the reality that you cannot just throw your wooden train track carelessly in the dishwasher, cleaning wooden toys is a very easy process. All you need is a wood cleaning solution and a clean cloth.

3 Easy Steps to Clean Wooden Train Sets

Cleaning toys, particularly something like the train sets that has so many parts, and may seem like a daunting task but once you know the easy process it is truly very simple. Set the things you will be needing such as a towel for a place to dry the clean toys. You’ll be able to make your kids help you just make sure that the cleaning solution doesn’t have any harsh and toxic chemicals.

Step 1: Brush away all the dust and remove any stains, bits of food or any other dirt.

Step 2: Damp a clean fabric on your cleaning solution and rub it over the toys. If you do not have a natural cleaner you may need to wipe it repeatedly with a clean damp cloth.

Step 3: Let the toys dry completely and if the day is sunny, you can make the toy completely dry quickly by letting the toys sit in the sunlight but do not leave it for a long as this can have a bleaching effect.

DIY Cleaning Solution for Wooden Toys

  1. Vinegar is a good natural cleaner for wooden or plastic toys, just dilute it with an equal amount of water. If the smell bothers you then you may add some drops of your favorite essential oil. No need to worry about the smell on the toys cause they will not absorb it when it dries.
  2. Washing with hot/warm soapy water is also an excellent way to clean wooden toys. Pick a natural non-toxic dish soap and wipe it over with a clean fabric before letting the toys dry.
  3. Bleach is apparently is not a first option for cleaning toys as you don’t want your child to unintentionally ingest it. But, if you want to deep clean their toys, for example disinfecting after illness or virus related, then bleaching the toys can be a helpful way. Dilute 1 part bleach to 10 parts water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Brio train table worth buying?

Brio train tables are worth buying, high quality, high play value wooden train tables. You always feel the worth of your money when you buy it.

What is the best brio train to buy?

There are many best brio train tables as illustrated above, just look at the one that suits your pocket and buy it.

What age is the Brio train table for?

There is no specific age for brio train tables. Starting from 2 years and above can use this table. Eventually, your kid starts to be playful. You can get him/her this brio train table to motivate his dynamic character.