Best Table For Lash Extensions

5 Best Tables For Lash Extensions: Keep Your Lashes Intact

Lashes are one of the fundamental cosmetic products for most ladies these days. So, we can only imagine how awful misplacing your lashes can be. Quite the nightmare if you ask us. It’s even worse if you lose one of them and now you have to start thinking about acquiring new ones.

5 Best-Selling Table For Lash Extensions

Why not make your life easy by getting a table that will make the placement of your lashes easier thus preventing such mishaps. 

Picking a suitable table for your lashes might prove to be quite the task especially if you don’t know where to begin. With the many options available, you might also be spoilt for choice. Here, we shall take a peek at five of the top rated options which you may put into consideration next time you are out to purchase a suitable table for your lashes.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Table For Lash Extensions

1. Convenience Concept Desk, Glass Mirror Inlay

Convenience Concepts Gold Coast ( Desk, Silver / Mirror)
Product Highlights:
  • gold coast collection
  • glass mirror inlay
  • faux crystal drawer pulls

If you’re looking to get good value for your money, the Convenience Gold Coast Desk is something you should consider. The table comes with a classy wooden finish which only helps accentuate its beauty.

With two drawers for concealed storage, you can safely keep your valuables or lashes out of sight without the fear of losing them. The table also comes in an ideal height which will suit anyone looking to do their makeup without having to strain unnecessarily. It’s  beautiful piece which will surely add a touch of class to any space it’s put in. 

2. Mecor Vanity Table Set, Oval Mirror And Stool  

Mecor Vanity Table Set ( Dressing Table With 4 Drawers White)
Product Highlights:
  • vanity table:wood dressing table, 4 storage drawers, oval rotating mirror,a cushioned stool. easy to assemble,girls can easily do it alone
  • vanity set w/mirror:the mirror can be 360 degree spinning and adjusted to your preference,,and the top part is detachable to be used as a regular writing table
  • makeup table with drawers:4 drawers and large table surface give you enough space to store all your things,the drawers of this desk slide in and out easily that with unique handles design

The Mecor vanity table is the ideal dressing table for anyone looking for both comfortability and elegance in a dresser. Equipped with a cushioned stool and 360∘ adjustable mirrors, the table allows its user to have a better view and no strain is put on them. The dressing table comes in a variety of colors ranging from white, black, and even brown.

One of the most impressive things about the table is that the top part is detachable hence making the table not only useful in dressing but it can also be turned into a study table. Made of hardwood plus MDF, the buyer is assured of strong support and long time use. Lastly,the table comes in a convenient height which makes it suitable for both adults and teenagers

3. VASAGLE Vanity Set, Flip Top Mirror Two Drawers And Cushioned Stool

VASAGLE Vanity Set With ( Removable Organizers Easy Assembly, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • flip top mirror: flip top design makes it convenient to make up while saving space for essential storage; 110° tilting mirror provides a better view while sitting comfortably
  • removable organizer: create your own layout with removable dividers in drawers or compartment while keeping your cosmetics, jewelry and accessories separate and well organized
  • 2 in 1 design: lift the top up, it's such an amazing vanity set for daily makeup routine; put the lid down, it transforms into a writing table or laptop desk in seconds

The VASAGLE vanity set is one that speaks for itself. Having a flip top mirror, the table is versatile and can be easily transformed into a study table in seconds. This is sure to be the perfect table for anyone looking to save on space. The table comes equipped with two removable drawers which come in handy when trying to keep your cosmetics including your lashes and jewelry separate and properly organized. 

The cushioned stool is made such that the user gets the perfect view when doing their makeup routine in comfort. The table has a weight capacity of 42 pounds. Colors range from black, white and brown giving the buyer a variety to choose from from. 

4. VASAGLE Vanity Set, Tri-folding Necklace Hooked Mirror Makeup, Cushioned Stool

VASAGLE Vanity Makeup Set ( Tri-Folding Mirror, Dark Espresso)
Product Highlights:
  • adequate storage capacity: 7 drawers, 4 open compartments and 2 brush holders organize all your beauty secret and jewelry with ease; and the large tabletop offers enough space for you to handle the accessories while making up
  • 3 panel mirror: tri-folding mirror offers a full view so you can make sure you look great from every angle, besides, there are 4 additional necklace hooks behind each side-mirror
  • considered vanity size: 42.5''l x 18.5''w x 59.6''h vanity table and 15.9”l x 12”w x 18.5”h cushioned stool fit most people. and there’s enough leg space under the table, even a swivel chair can get in and out easily

Made of MDF+solid wood, this VASAGLE piece is sure to serve you for as long as you need. Consisting of 7 drawers, 2 makeup brush holders and an adequate table surface, there is enough space for all your makeup products and jewelry. The finishing of the drawer is elegantly done with a feminine touch to fit into any space it may be placed in.

This adult size set is made in a way that its user gets enough leg space and there’s also  a cushioned stool for maximum comfort during your makeup routine. The tri-folding mirror allows you to see yourself from all angles making sure the job is done properly from all angles. 

It is available in different colors ranging from black, white, walnut and dark espresso. Easy to assemble, this vanity piece is sure to be the perfect choice for you. This set is ideal for someone looking for something with an aesthetic appeal and a touch of elegance.

5. BOBKONA PDEX-Croix Collection, Vanity Set With Stool

BOBKONA PDEX Croix Collection ( Stool, Rose Gold)
Product Highlights:
  • you will receive a total of 1 desk and 1 chair
  • mirror with attached moveable extensions
  • provides space for an array of cosmetics, jewelry and beauty supplies

This vintage-style vanity set by BOBKONA PDEX has a simple yet exquisite table design which makes it such an outstanding piece. The wide mirror with attached movable extensions allows you a wide angle view when doing your makeup. Equipped with a total of five drawers this set is sure to provide you with enough space for all your lashes and other cosmetic products and jewelry.

The wood used for the table assures you that there is enough support and durability. With a weight capacity of about 84 pounds, this table is sure to fit all your needs. Some easy assembly may be required for the table, an assembly manual is issued upon purchase to make the process easy.

Buying Guide

Highlighted below are some tips you should consider the next time you go shopping for the right table.

1. Size

Always consider the space which will be taken up by the table and the size of its intended user as well. It would be a shame to purchase a dresser only for it not to fit in the required space.

2. Versatility

If you are pressed for space, you may want to consider the dressers which are more versatile and can be transformed into desks easily.

3. Budget

Be sure to stick to your budget as some of these dressing tables differ in price.

4. Storage Space

If you are one with a variety of beauty products and jewelry, be sure to look for one which will properly accommodate all your stuff. It should enable you to keep your makeup properly organised.

How To Clean False Eyelashes

Most women apply a coat of mascara over their fake lashes that makes product build up that can lead to creased, broken and gunky look fake lashes also the most important thing to be aware of is the possibility of getting an eye infection when you reuse it without cleaning them. So with that in mind, here’s how to clean synthetic false lashes:

  1. Get cotton or reusable swabs, a clean towel, and either makeup remover.
  2. Place the synthetic lashes on the clean towel and dip or wet your cotton swab on the makeup remover and squeeze the excess product.
  3. Start rubbing away the eye makeup, mascara, and glue from the lashes, and make sure that you pay extra attention to the lash bands where the dirt usually builds up.
  4. Finish the makeup removing process until there is no left.
  5. Gently peel the remaining eyelash glue if there still more.
  6. Don’t you ever squeeze your synthetic false lashes dry after cleaning them as they will not go back to their original form. Just arrange the hair strands in their original shape and let them dry themselves on a dry towel.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is normal for one to do some research and ask questions before purchasing any product. Here are some commonly asked questions when it comes to the purchase of dressing tables and their answers.

What is considered the perfect dressing table?

You should always go for something which matches your taste and which will be able to accommodate all your items. The quality of the table should also be your biggest priority. Better to use the extra money for a quality item.

Do the dressers come fully assembled?

Most dressing tables are not assembled and require to be put together upon purchase. However, there is always a detailed manual on how to do this which is provided. The assembly is quite an easy process which may require two or maybe three people to complete.

What is the approximate price of a quality dresser table?

Dressing tables come in a wide range of prices ranging from $100 to $1000. This is due to the different brands and materials used. However, one may get a quality dressing table for a price of $450 and above.


No compromise is made when it comes to a lady’s beauty and her working space. It’s always ideal to opt for a versatile piece when making your decision. From the above guidelines and recommendations, you will make an informed decision when getting a suitable table for your lashes.