Best Tables For A Podcast

5 Best Tables For A Podcast: A Comfortable Table Setup = Quality Podcast Production

Starting a podcast requires a lot of input in terms of coming up with concepts and ideas, buying equipment and software, recording, editing, and exporting the actual content. One of the key influencing factors to a successful podcast is the setup. It determines the comfortability of the hosts and guests (if any) and the sound quality.

5 Best-Selling Table For A Podcast

Among all podcast equipment, a table is relatively the most affordable, yet equally important. If you’re looking to acquire the best table for your podcast, this article is here to assist you. 

Below is a compilation of five of the best podcast tables together with their features. Also included is a buying guide to help you navigate your way to a reasonable choice.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Table For A Podcast

1. CubiCubi Study Desk, Rustic, Vintage-style

CubiCubi Study Computer Desk ( Table, Black Metal Frame, Rustic Brown)
Product Highlights:
  • meet more needs:storage bag and hook are added based on the basic computer desk
  • sturdy and durable:use triangle iron and diagonal scaffold braces to connect the frame
  • multiple-choice:32/40/47/55/63 inch available for different purposes like a home office, study, writing

This table is a minimalistic, vintage-style contemporary option meant to optimise functionality and aesthetics. It is perfect for a small space or a solo podcaster. It consists of quality, Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) supported by a solid metal frame with a double triangular strut. Uniquely fitted at the side is a movable storage bag where you can place some of your podcast materials such as pens, notebooks or reference books and access them at your convenience. 

The other side has an iron hook onto which you can hang equipment such as headphones and not have to look for them during each episode. These accessories help you to have an organised setup. Its dimensions are 32 by 19.7 by 29 inches, ample space for you, and your devices. It is also large enough to accommodate a guest or co-host when needed. It is multi-functional and can be used for other purposes when you’re not recording your podcast.

2. Meco Stakmore Table, Folding Table, Cherry Finish

STAKMORE Straight Edge 32 ( Table, Cherry Finish)
Product Highlights:
  • perfect for hosting card games or serving refreshments at small parties
  • premium solid wood construction
  • no assembly required

For a temporary podcast setup, you might want to consider this lightweight option. It weighs 29 pounds and consists of solid wood with a smooth finish. The edges are perfectly curved, and the legs fold into the table for better storage and portability.

It requires no assembly upon arrival. A well-pleased customer describes this product in four phases: “High quality, No compromise, Low price, Perfect size”,  which sums up the pros of this table. It is ideal for a solo podcast but can comfortably hold up to three people at a time.

3. Greenforest Round White Table, Wooden, Contemporary

GreenForest Dining Table White ( Living Room Leisure Coffee Table)
Product Highlights:
  • white dining table modern design: minimalist design lead trend of modern simple life style, white round table top with three wooden legs is suit for theme of fast life and modern decoration.
  • modern round table easy and fast install: just spend 5 minutes to finish one table. only screw three legs with round table top.
  • round dining table is a best choice create a intimate feeling for your family or two persons, could help add warm emotion between people.

Quality of sound is a key element in the production of a great podcast. A round table is known to centralise the sound, especially for a podcast with more than one host or guest(s) since they do not have to keep looking aside to hear or respond to the other person. This round table from GreenForest is a perfect podcast table selection.

Its design is simple and aesthetic with a smooth finish. It is three-legged with a triangular placement of legs to ensure stability. It has a diameter of 32 inches which is sufficient to hold up to four people at a time. Assembly is straight-forward upon arrival. It also has ample legroom of 27.55 inches to place your legs beneath as you record a podcast.

4. Walker Edison L-shaped Desk, Glasstop

Walker Edison Ellis Modern ( Desk With Keyboard Tray, 51 Inch)
Product Highlights:
  • dimensions: 28.25” h x 51” l x 20” l, keyboard tray: 3” h x 11.75” d x 21” l
  • 2 side surfaces support up to 50 ibs. each, corner top surface supports up to 20 ibs., and keyboard tray supports up to 10 ibs.
  • desk top made with tempered safety glass

With dimensions of 28.25H by 51L by 20L inches, this L-shaped desk is practical for a solo podcaster and a large podcasting team. The design is elegant and sophisticated, with a desk-top made from tempered safety glass. It consists of two side desks joined at a curved corner.

Each side surface can hold up to 50 lbs. The corner top surface has a weight capacity of up to 20 lbs. It also has a keyboard tray measuring, 3H by 11.75D by 21L inches. The tray can hold up to 10lbs for your podcast setup. You can use one side of the table for your podcast equipment such as microphones and headphones, and the other side for your computer laptop or other devices that you may need to use at the time of recording.

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5. Joiscope Wooden Table, Splice Board

JOISCOPE Home Office Computer ( Table With Splice Board,47 Inches(Vintage Oak))
Product Highlights:
  • sturdy structure:constructed by premium steel and chipboard, the computer desk is absolutely solid, stable, sturdy and durable.
  • easy assembly:our installation can be done by a single addition, we also provide you with a detailed installation video, you can refer to the manual and video to complete the installation.
  • multifunctional design:our table has a multi-purpose storage function, providing two-layer shelf, which can save space for you.

Lastly, this edgy table from Joiscope will have you enjoying your podcast setup. It consists of quality manufactured wood with premium steel metal frames. The wood has a vintage oak finish that will have your podcast guests marvelling at the standard of modernity. Added to this table are two storage shelves where you can place your other podcast materials and retrieve them with ease.

The design is multi-functional, and the sturdy structure curated for durability. Upon arrival, assembly is a one-person task, and the resulting table will provide you with a 100% satisfaction. Its dimensions are 47.24 by 23.62 by 29.53 inches, sufficient for a solo podcast setup with an allowance of two or three guests when needed.

Buying Guide

Setting up a podcast is already a tedious task. Getting a table to start should not be. This buying guide provides you with pointers to direct you to the perfect podcast table.

1. Size

Always check the dimensions of the table. The size of your space and the number of podcasters determines the size of the table you pick.

2. Materials 

Ensure that the table consists of durable materials that can serve you for a long time. 

3. Leg allowance/ Legroom 

Legroom refers to the space between the tabletop and the ground.  It should be ample enough to allow comfortability when recording.

4. Your Podcast Budget

Setting up a podcast requires a lot of equipment that may be quite costly. Remember to stick within your budget when acquiring a table.

5. Your Preference

The table you choose should match your preferred taste. Podcasts that do live streams or videos should put aesthetics into consideration when setting up.

Frequently Asked Questions

To produce a successful podcast, one needs to carry out extensive research beforehand. Acquiring the correct table should be part of this research. Here are some of the frequently asked questions concerning tables for podcasts:

How do I pick the right table for my podcast?

When selecting your table, never compromise on quality. A better quality table may cost you a few extra bucks but will be well worth it. Check on the quality of materials based on your preference. You can also refer to the buying guide above for more pointers.

Which is better, round or rectangular?

For a podcast, a round table would be better if you have a co-host or guests. It will maintain the sound quality. However, a rectangular table should work equally well if the placement of the chairs centralizes the sound.

What is the recommended size for a podcast table?

The size of your table should correspond to the size of your space. The number of podcast hosts and guests also determines the size.

What is the most durable wooden tabletop?

Oak is known to be one of the most durable table tops woods. Others include cherry, walnut, hickory, pinewood, and hard maple. Further research on each of these and their features can help you pick out what is best for you.