Non-squeaky Bed Frame

The Best Non-Squeaky Bed Frames: Don’t Spoil The Fun!

Squeaky bed frames are a menace. Why? Because most people end up choosing the wrong bed frames. Squeakiness has very little to do with the material used to make the bed frame (Be it steel or wood). Instead, squeakiness is a result of weak or loosely fitted joints.

5 Best-Selling Non-squeaky Bed Frames

Today, we’ll show you some of the best well-built bed frames available in the market. You’ll never have to worry about squeakiness ever again.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Non-squeaky Bed Frames

1. The Olee Sleep 18-inch Tall Metal Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 18 Inch ( Maximum Storage, No Box Spring Needed, Black, Full Size)
Product Highlights:
  • [ outer dimensions ] - 76.5 x 55.5 x 18 inches
  • [ inner dimensions ] - 74.5 x 53.5 inches
  • [ sturdy construction ] - crafted with reinforced high-quality steel which ensures both safety and durability, offering a strong and dependable support structure for capacity up to 700 lbs

The Olee bed frame doesn’t come with any extravagant designs and features. It looks neat and tidy.

The overall build of the bed frame is surprisingly strong. Plus, it’s steel. You can never go wrong with steel as far as strength is concerned.

Sure, it might not have a storage cabinet. Nevertheless, it does have a lot of space underneath it.

The 18 inches of under-the-bed storage space is more than enough for you to slide and keep your storage containers and ottomans.

Its assembly is also a breeze to go through. You should have the bed up and ready in about 15 minutes. Plus, all the needed tools come in the box.

We promise you, this bed will never squeak. In addition to that, it’s also anti-slip. You’ll sleep rest assured that your mattress will stay on your bed all night long.


  • It’s a steel bed frame. Therefore, it’s firm.
  • It offers a lot of under-the-bed storage space.
  • It’s a mattress anti-slip bed frame.
  • It’s available for all mattress sizes (California, King, Queen, Full, and Twin).


  • Its slats are thin and tend to dent a lot of mattresses.

2. The Zinus Shawn 14-inch Steel Tube Bed Frame

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase ( Frame / Box Spring Replacement, Full)
Product Highlights:
  • includes mattress stopper to keep your mattress in place
  • no tools are required, assembles in minutes
  • strong steel tube structure

It’s safe to say that steel is the best material for non-squeaky bed frames. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about falling in the middle of the night. It’s strong enough.

You might have noticed that this bed frame doesn’t have a spring base. Instead, it has “The SmartBase.” Nonetheless, customers have reported that it’s just as comfortable as the regular spring box.

Unlike the previous one, this bed frame offers less under-the-bed storage space of around 14 inches (That’s 4 inches less storage space than the previous one).

The manufacturers have also installed plastic caps on the frame’s feet. These plastic caps will protect your floor and carpets from damage.

Sure, it’s manufacturers promised to deliver an anti-slip bed frame. However, that’s far from the truth.

We noticed that the mattress on this bed frame tends to slip very frequently. The anti-slip feature isn’t that effective when compared to the Olee bed frame.


  • It’s strong and durable.
  • The assembly process is a breeze to go through.
  • Its SmartBase is nice and comfortable.
  • Its legs are fitted with plastic caps to protect your floor.


  • The mattress anti-slip feature isn’t reliable.
  • Its under-the-bed storage space could be more.
  • Its slats are a bit wide. Some mattresses tend to slide through them.

3. The Zinus Trisha 7-Inch Bed Frame

ZINUS Trisha Metal Platforma ( Needed, Easy Assembly, Full)
Product Highlights:
  • minimalist look, maximum support - if you prefer a clean, simplistic look in the bedroom, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice durability; the steel trisha platform bed optimally supports your mattress without stealing focus
  • low profile - 7-inch platform height is perfect for taller mattresses or for those who prefer their bed lower to the ground; twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs
  • no box spring needed – reliable wood slats are designed to support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or spring mattress without the need for a box spring

Enough with these tall bed frames! Here is a short low-profile bed frame.

We know that taller bed frames might be a challenge for your small pets. If that’s the case, then the Zinus Trisha 7-inch steel bed frame is the best deal on this list.

Despite this frame being significantly shorter than the rest, it’s still as strong and sturdy as any other steel bed frame.

However, we can’t deny the fact that you’ll still be missing out on plenty of under-the-bed storage space if you decide to go with this option.

The steel supports have also been padded with foam for easy movement on wooden floors.

Unlike the previous bed frames, this one has wooden slats covered with anti-slip tape.


  • It’s nice and short to allow small pets to easily get in bed.
  • The anti-slip tape on the wooden slats will come in handy to prevent the mattress from slipping.
  • It’s a steel bed frame that is strong and sturdy (No squeakiness even during late-night gymnastics).


  • It’s short. Therefore, you lose out on under-the-bed storage space.

4. The Zinus 14-Inch Wooden Bed Frame

ZINUS Moiz Wood Platform ( Needed / Easy Assembly, Natural, Full)
Product Highlights:
  • sturdy & stylish – wood frame is made from 100% solid wood and features clean and with headboard styling
  • product dimensions :74.5 x 53.5 x 14.0 inches
  • underbed storage - 14 inch overall height with 10.5 inches of clearance space under the bed is perfect for storing odds and ends.durably engineered – made from solid wood and interior steel framework that provides resilient support; twin size supports up to 350 lbs, all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs

It’s not easy finding a non-squeaky wooden bed frame. Nevertheless, this was the best option we could find in the market.

It’s weak and less sturdy compared to steel bed frames. Nonetheless, its support legs are made from solid wood and are, therefore, quite strong.

We know some of you prefer sleeping on wooden bed frames. If that’s you, then this is your best pick.

Just like the majority of bed frames on this list, this Zinus wooden bed frame offers plenty of under-the-bed storage space for all your boxes and bedroom ottomans.

In addition to that, you’ll also be glad to know that this bed frame can support mattresses without spring boxes.


  • It’s a wooden bed frame. Some people prefer sleeping on wood.
  • It’s high enough and offers plenty of under-the-bed storage space.
  • You don’t have to use a spring box with this one.


  • Some customers complained that the bed frame requires more wooden slats.
  • It’s weaker than steel.

5. The AmazonBasics 14-Inch Foldable Metal Bed Frame

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal ( 14 Inches High, Full, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • designed for sleepers up to 250 pounds
  • full size platform bed frame offers a quiet, noise-free, supportive foundation for a mattress. no box spring needed
  • folding mechanism makes the frame easy to store and move in tight spaces

A little something from Amazon. It’s the cheapest non-squeaky bed frame on this list.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary. However, it’s still a great deal if you are short on funds but still want a dependable bed frame.

Its foldability is the only advantage this bed frame has over the others.

You can easily fold it up and store it when you’re not using it. It would make for a nice secondary bed for visitors.

In addition to that, this bed frame will help in decluttering your room thanks to the 14-inch under-the-bed storage space.

It also comes in different sizes to cater to almost all mattress sizes available in the market.


  • It comes in a variety of sizes.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • It offers plenty of under-the-bed storage space.
  • It’s easy to assemble and pull apart for storage.


  • It has no wheels, plastic caps, or foam on the supports.
  • There is no mention of a mattress anti-slipping feature.

Buying Guide

Below are some of the factors to consider when you go shopping for the best non-squeaky bed frame.

1. Squeakiness

We just had to mention this. Nothing is as embarrassing as having a squeaky bed. It’s even worse when you’ve invited your friends or relatives over, and you’re going at it with your loved one. Everyone will know what you were up to last night, but they won’t tell you. Squeakiness isn’t caused by the material used. It’s all about the quality of the frame’s build.

2. Size

Your bed frame’s size is directly related to mattress size. Make sure the bed frame is a perfect fit for your mattress.

3. Height

Medium-height bed frames are the best. Tall bed frames might be a problem for your short cute pets. However, a short bed frame also means you’ll be missing out on under-the-bed storage space.

4. Budget

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a bed frame if you can’t afford it. Some amazing steel bed frames are quite affordable. A good example? The AmazonBasics bed frame we’ve listed above.

5. The Slats

Very few people pay attention to the bed frame slats. They need to be enough (plenty). In addition to that, the slats also need to be anti-slip. Finally, they need to be strong enough to support your weight through the night.

How to Figure Out Why Your Bed is Making Noise

1. Tighten Up

Check around your bed frame to know what kind of metalware is holding together. Sometimes that is the cause of the problem. You’ll want to tighten all the screw-ups and also if you feel that it is not tight enough you can use washers to steady the screws up.

2. Lubricate

Using WD40 or besswax on the metal parts that you think are rubbing against each other can fix this squiking problem. You may have to apply a couple of coates to make sure that it is lubricated. If you do not have both of these product you can use a regular candle wax as a replacement.

3. Additional Padding

Get some old clothes that you don’t use anymore and layer them on the top of the slats of your metal bed frame. This is going to be the barrier between the mattress and metal bed frame so that there will no friction between them anymore, which may be the cause of the squeaking noise.

4. Floor Protector

Check the feet of your metal bed frame that could be rubbing against your floor, especially if it’s made of hardwood. This can lead to scratching and carving your floors and what’s more important is to check the legs if it’s even as it can be the cause of the awful noise. By putting some floor protectors underneath the bed frame feet will not only solve the squeaking problem but also protect your floor from future damage.

5. Purchasing New Bed Frame

If you have tried all the methods we have given and still hear the annoying squeaking sound, then you have to consider purchasing a new bed frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bed frame material?

Steel is the most durable material for bed frames.

Do all metal beds squeak through the night?

No. Metal bed frames will only squeak if the assembly was poorly done.

Do I need a spring box for my metal bed frame?

Yes, unless the manufacturer has stated otherwise.

Box springs or slats?

Slats. They’re more supportive. Also, your mattress won’t slip as much.

What is the best bed frame size for couples?

The king or queen sizes are the best. They offer plenty of sleeping space.