Small Nursery Rocking Chairs

10 Best Small Rocking Chairs For Nursery

You don’t have to suffer from back and neck pains after nursing your baby. Nursing your precious baby should be a relaxing and bonding activity.

Did you know that a rocking chair not only soothes the baby, but it also improves muscle tone and helps put away anxiety and depression?

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorite Nursery Rocking Chairs

We’re here to help you find the best possible rocking chair for your nursery.

The 10 Best Small Rocking Chairs For Nursery – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. The Haotian FST15-DG- The Editor’s Choice

Haotian FST15DG Comfortable Relax ( Chair Relax Chair Cushion)
Product Highlights:
  • modern comfortable relax rocking chair lounge chair.
  • stable frame made of birch wood with varnished coating.
  • cover with zip, removable and washable.

Not only is this rocking chair comfortable, but its small size makes it the perfect small rocking chair for nurseries. In addition to that, it has a some-how simplistic design that enables it to blend into any room decor.

The frame is made from birch wood that has been expertly finished to give it its distinguished looks.

How comfortable is it? The Haotian FST15-DG cushion is soft but steady enough to allow you to sit for long periods. Plus, it’s also covered by soft cotton fabric.

2. The Delta Children Emerson Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair- The Do It All

Delta Children Emerson Upholstered ( Dove Grey With Soft Grey Welt)
Product Highlights:
  • whisper quite, gentle glide motion with soothing swivel action available in a variety of soft microfiber fabrics
  • designed with comfort in mind, tested for safety and expertly crafted for durability sturdy frame providing & cleaning: spot or wipe clean
  • armrests are thickly padded for comfort removable seat cushion for easy cleaning

It’s true- This nursery chair does it all. Apart from rocking, it’s capable of just about all types of motion like gliding and 360-degree swiveling. In addition to that, it’s completely silent as it moves.

This nursery chair by Delta Children was built for comfort. The back and arm-rests are completely padded. Also, the seat cushions have coil springs that further add to its comfortability.

Moreover, its fabrics are firm and durable to withstand the pulling and playing that is common in nursery rooms.

Does it have a disadvantage? Yes, this chair is too short for taller people.

3. The Christopher Knight Home Brannt Mid-Century Fabric Rocker- The Updated Classic

At first sight, it doesn’t look like much. However, this rocking chair has earned its spot on this list.

Its classic compact built makes it the perfect fit for a nursery room. Not to mention the button-back design that is sure to complement any decor style.

This rocking chair promises comfort. It delivers just that thanks to its extra cushioned seats and the padded arm-rests that will make sure you remain seated for as long as you’d want to.

Its only downfall is its complex assembling process.

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4. The Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker

Baby Relax Hadley Upholstered ( Chair, Beige Microfiber)
Product Highlights:
  • calming a cranky infant will be no problem if you have this modern double rocker chair on your nursery wish list. styled with super soft upholstery, two-tone welting, and a classic wingback shape, no baby room is complete without this rocking chair
  • able to seat 2, parents will love the chair’s smooth corners, cushioned backrest, padded arms, and extra wide seating with plush foam fill and pocketed coils for creating a comfortable backdrop for nighttime feedings or story time with the kids
  • durably made for safe usage inside or outside the nursery, its strong plywood frame, no-sag spring base, and felt-lined wooden rocking legs offer the perfect rhythmic motion to help your baby fall asleep without noisy movement or damage to floors

It’s for those who want their rocking chairs with a little bit of space.

The Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker comes with one and a half times the space you’d get from regular rocking chairs. Perfect for rocking with your kids as you read them their favorite bed-time stories.

The design is simple, but the fabric and cushion quality is superb. It offers maximum comfortability thanks to its thickly cushioned back and arm-rests. In addition to that, it’s made from 100% polyester that makes spills and stains easier to clean.

5. The Forever Eclectic by Child Craft Cozy Glider Rocker and Ottoman

Child Craft Cozy Glider ( Base & Frame (Dusty Heather With Beige Cushion))
Product Highlights:
  • designed for comfort: semi-upholstered, soft padded glider moves in a smooth gliding motion and in tandem with the matching padded ottoman to help comfortably soothe your baby while feeding or to go to sleep
  • built with stability: solid wood frame provides stability and features smooth ball bearings for a comfortable gliding motion
  • convenient pockets: storage pockets on the side of the glider armrests provide convenient storage and easy access to necessities while rocking

Another rocking chair you should consider getting for the little guy.

The Forever Eclectic rocking chair is perfect for small apartments with nursery rooms that are a bit economic on space. It’s not excessively huge and is very easy to assemble.

Its cushions are comfortable despite being thinner than most sofa cushions. The padded armrests are also something to look forward to, especially for a high-quality rocking chair in its price range. Are you still waiting for the baby? This is the rocking chair for you.

Its only downside would be the lack of a lock mechanism- It’s always rocking.

6. The Evolur Raleigh Basic Glide |Recliner| Rocker

Evolur Raleigh Upholstered Plush ( Nursery Recliner, Environmentally Conscious Glider)
Product Highlights:
  • relaxation and comfort, unlimited: with an ergonomic backrest support, multiple reclining positions, comfortable side rests, 360° swivel and smooth gliding and rocking motions, the raleigh is designed to provide full comfort to your body.
  • tool free assembly and easy to use reclining mechanism: setting up the raleigh is easy and requires no tools! simply push back against the backrest for a comfortable recline. use the easy-to-reach lever to control the footrest.
  • beautiful finishes for every room: it comes in sophisticated colors to choose from, a calm fawn, sophisticated greys, pleasing light blue, to charming lilac. finishes that will blend seamlessly into your nursery, bedroom or study!

Another multi-purpose nursery chair that caught our eye- It’s design and color enables it to settle down well in just about all nursery rooms. We’d advise you to go with the fawn color that complements any room decor you might have in mind.

Also, the heavily padded back and arm-rests are sure to keep you comfortable through the night.

For those who are afraid of baby-related stains, you’ll be glad to know that this chair is covered with a hard-to-stain and easy-to-clean polyester cover.

Oh, plus it has side-pockets that will come in handy as you buy new toys for the baby.

7. The Belham Living Wood Nursery Rocker Natural- Old is Gold

This one has nothing out of the ordinary. However, it’s the perfect pick if you’re looking for a simple small traditional rocking chair for your nursery.

Although it lacks the padded arm-rests and fancy cushions, the Belham Living Wood Nursery Rocking Chair makes up for it with a reliable sturdy build of high-quality plywood.

8. The Baby Relax Wingback Nursery Room Rocker- The Pretty Rocking Wingback

Baby Relax Hudson Upholstered ( Room Rocker, Baltic Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • baby room furniture must. super comfy, classic wingback designed nursery room rocker
  • contrasting white welt details on sides and seat cushion
  • padded wings and shaped arms

This chair is for those who’ve always fancied a pretty wingback that rocks.

Its size and design are flawless (especially the nailhead trim design). It occupies space very well and is the right size for nursery rooms.

Its cushions, padded wings, and fabric are comfy and soft to the touch.

Sure, because of its fairly flat rocking curve, this chair will not rock as much as other rocking chairs on the list. Nevertheless, you can fix that with an ottoman.

9. The Nursery Works Ami Bassinet Rocker in Oatmeal Linen- The Convertible Rocker

Nursery Works Ami Bassinet ( In Oatmeal Linen)
Product Highlights:
  • made with a polyester blend (75% polyester, 10% linen, 15% viscose) and powder-coated steel frame
  • modular design - bassinet can be placed on the left or right side
  • converts to a double seat rocker when baby outgrows the bassinet (additional seat sold separately)

One of those special rocking chairs in the market. Once your baby is grown, the bassinet can transform into a double seat rocker so you and your child can rock together.

Its cushions and arm-rests are made from soft rounded wool for maximum comfortability. In addition to that, it’s covered with a polyester mixture of 55% polyester and 45% acrylic.

The cushions are held in place by the powder-coated tubular steel framing. In general, it has a simple but classic design.

10. The Stockcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider ( Motion, Easy To Assemble, Solid Hardwood Base)
Product Highlights:
  • complete glider with ottoman set: complete premium 2-piece nursery glider and ottoman set; comfortable, padded arm cushions with pockets for added storage convenience; enclosed metal ball bearings make for a smooth and gentle nursery rocking experience
  • safety tested: expert tested by third-party, accredited laboratories to meet or exceed all applicable category voluntary and mandatory safety standards; applied finish tested to meet or exceed applicable astm and cpsia safety standards
  • award-winning brand: exclusively from storkcraft, proud recipient of the 2022 women’s choice award for 9 out of 10 customer recommended baby & kids furniture and parent tested parent approved (ptpa) seal of approval for nursery and children’s furniture

This rocking chair offers enough sitting room thanks to its noticeably wide seat.

Also, you have to appreciate its padded back and arm-rests that deliver maximum comfort. The Stockcraft Premium Hoop Glider does more than just rocking, as its name suggests, it’s also capable of smooth gliding motion.

The chair also comes with small little side pockets that will be useful in the nursery room. It’s also covered with polyester upholstery that makes the chair and ottoman easy to clean- No more cleaning hustles after feeding the baby.

Benefits Associated With Rocking Children

From birth, loving mothers around the world rock their children. The good things associated with rocking your child are numerous and the ways of rocking them are depending on you. Either in your arms, on a rocking horse, rocking chair, or hammock. Read on to know the benefits of rocking:

1. Calms and Soothes

We all know that one of the ways to do when a child is crying is to rock them. It was really instinctively and there is a reason for that. Rocking a crying child helps establish a healthy heart rate and improves blood circulation. The rocking motion provides the child with feeling the secure and calming effect. Also rocking a child warms them when they are feeling cold. It is surely a good thing to rock a child because we are fulfilling the social-emotional that they need.

2. Fosters Strong Emotional Ties

Nurseries should all have at least one rocking chair at home. Both you and your child will get the benefits of it. Rocking a child leads to good bonding and close contact since it provides one on one time with your child.

3. Develops Balance

Through rocking on a chair, a rocking horse, or a large exercise ball, children will develop their muscles and perfect their balance because of the motion the rocking gives.

4. Develops Virtual Perception and Rhythm

When you rock your child, you are offering them an excellent visual exercise. Also, they develop a sense of rhythm by exploring the slow and fast movements. Play with the position of the baby when you rock him, they will surely enjoy looking around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a rocking chair for my nursery?

Yes. Indeed, a rocking chair isn’t a must-have. However, it can provide a lot of comfort to both the mother and baby during nursing.

What should I look for in a nursery rocking chair?

– Firm but comfy cushions and seats.
– Durable and easy-to-clean fabric.
– A strong and reliable build.

Are rocking chairs good for pregnant women?

Yes, they’re known for improving blood pressure and muscle tone in pregnant women.

Glider or rocker- Which one is the best for nursery rooms?

The only difference here is in their range of motion. However, both are great options for nursery rooms (some nursery chairs even offer both).


Choosing the right rocking chair doesn’t have to be difficult.

It needs to be comfortable to sit on, tough enough to survive the rocking, and hard to stain. Of course, its build and design have to blend well with your nursery room. Then, you’re done.